Samuel Billingham

As a student studying graphic design, I strive to create visually captivating touchpoints and designs that truly engage with audiences. I have a strong passion for branding and packaging design, as well as a keen interest in photography.

BONA Condoms

For one of my final projects I chose to do a live brief from Pearlfisher. This project consisted of creating packaging and other touchpoints for a condom brand that would be produced from materials on Mars and sold back on Earth for human use.

Carhartt Upcycled

As a design student also interested in fashion, I chose to take on a project that would raise awareness and help to tackle the ongoing problem of clothing waste. I chose to create an upcycling service for Carhartt that would engage with a younger audience, helping them to become more aware of upcycling and its advantages.


For another one of my projects, I created a shoelace brand called ‘SLACK’ aimed at climbers who struggle to get a comfortable fit from their climbing shoes. SLACK teaches users how to correctly tie their laces dependant on their foot shape and size.

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