Imogen Bishop

I have an interest in creating diverse campaigns that tackle big topics, challenge the status quo and resonate with an audience through shared thinking and experiences. My core skills lie in producing thought provoking communication through branding, illustration and animation.

Final Projects

Anyone But You

‘Anyone But You’ is a hand-drawn stop-frame animation explaining my personal experience of having a relative diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The animation is accompanied by an original poem, detailing everything from the first diagnosis, to how the disease progressed and through to his final few days.

I have worked in partnership with the Azheimer’s Society to share my story and encourage others to share their stories too. The main aim of the project was to help families in a similar situation feel like they’re not alone.

Animation Storyboard and Process


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Bea and Leo’s Bad Luck

I entered this project into the Macmillan illustration competition 2023.

The story surrounds the concept of superstition and bad luck that is relatable across society today. The tale is centred around an adventure shared by two friends as they navigate their way through a rainy Friday morning. It brings to life the unfortunate sequence of events that follow after initially opening an umbrella indoors…

I initially aimed the story at children in key stages 1 and 2 but it has appealed to children and adults alike.

Click on the image of Bea and Leo to read the full book.

Interrogate the Truth

This project was created for the RSA Student Design Awards brief 9.

The animation was based upon the audio clip provided by Jeffrey Boakye. Drawing upon his experiences as a black student and teacher, he argues that ‘if we are to create a socially just future for everyone, the school curriculum must be a place where historical narratives, assumptions and distortions are explored, interrogated and challenged.’

I created a hand-drawn stop-frame animation to accompany the audio to visually communicate the concept of challenging the current teaching of emotive topics in schools. The aim is to encourage deeper thinking to help formulate individual opinions on history, to drive change to enable a better and fairer future.


  • DPS – Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

July 2021 – July 2022: I spent 12 months on an Industrial Placement year working as a Digital Designer at Pavegen, the innovative sustainable tech company. I was responsible for creating social media content, promotional video production and editing. I also collaborated with the Industrial Designers on some live client work. Some of the clients I created content for included: SEAT, Mercedes EQ, IKEA, Dubai Expo 2020 and PwC UK.

October 2022 – Present: Freelance Video Editor. Continuation of support for Pavegen’s Marketing team, editing videos and content as required.

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