Final Project


Mono is not just any ordinary suitcase, it is a purpose-built masterpiece meticulously crafted for the creative industry’s finest, including photographers and videographers.

With a focus on functionality and style, Mono has been carefully designed and developed to provide a product that empowers creative professionals to work with absolute confidence and peace of mind.

Suspension Feature

Engineered to protect your valuable equipment from the rigours of travel.
The unique suspension system created to provide ease when travelling in harsh environments.

Height Adjusting Covers

Height-adjustment mechanism, effortlessly adapting to any terrain, ensuring versatility and convenience in your travels.


Designed for Repair + Replace

Ensure the longevity of your case with ease by repairing and replacing high-risk damage parts.

Mono’s commitment to durability allows your case to remain in service for a lifetime.

Enhance your customization options with replaceable parts available in a variety of styles and colours.

Stay up to date with the latest trends as new replaceable parts are designed and introduced.

Enjoy these benefits without the need to invest in an entirely new case.

RSA Project


Grow – Sell – Connect

A hydroponic marketplace designed to improve planetary health with the growing and selling of fresh community grow produce. Interacting and building connections with all generations in a sustainable environment.


  • 2x Design Award Winner

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