Improving the user experience of infusion pumps in nursing homes.

Amara is an holistic solution that takes advantage of leading technology to foster ease of use for both nurse and patient. Taking advantage of already existing patient prescriptions, Amara translates the information to pre-program the device. Nurses simply adjust the programming to suit current patient needs with a new risk controlled interface to mitigate potential user errors.

Personalized Pager

The device supports the patient throughout the infusion and provides an infusion management system for nurses all accessible through a personal pager.

User Focused Design

Amara’s comprehensive approach to the user care journey, combined with its portability, streamlined process, smart safety features, and user-friendly interface, reflects its user-centric design philosophy. It aims to enhance nurse efficiency, reduce fatigue, and prioritize patient safety throughout the entire infusion experience.


  • Awarded 1st Place – Live Project Cambridge Consultants brief
  • Diploma of International Studies

Work Experience

’22 Royal Philips – Product Design Intern

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