Joseph Zachary Wei Tzieh Chong

Born in Selangor, Malaysia, I am an Industrial Designer who draws inspiration from the various cultures and people in Asia, where I grew up as an international student.

Final Project


An innovative, redesigned cabin trolley bag to enhance and improve the comfort and efficiency of air travel for businesspeople, whilst evoking a sense of status, confidence and exclusiveness.

Design Story

Voyager was the culmination of the ambition to create a customisable and personalised cabin trolley bag that emphasised an extremely distinctive and iconic silhouette. With these bold characteristics, Voyager seamlessly positions itself amongst some of the most luxurious luggage brands on the market, for the most opulent and affluent businesspeople. Voyager’s aesthetic ethos was to enable buyers to indulge in their vision of what the perfectly designed suitcase is with only the most extravagant and luxurious colours, materials and finishes that could be selected and combined.

A Fully Customised and Personalised Experience

The aesthetic narrative for Voyager started with the concept of enabling the user to purchase the exact suitcase to their tailored preference. For such an exclusive and high end product, it is truly fitting to give the buyer and potential user a chance to experience the delicate craftsmanship and detailing that is put into making each unit of Voyager. Similar to a purchasing experience at luxury car showrooms, the user would be taken through all the steps of customising the suitcase and be able to follow the production right from the beginning to when the suitcase is ready to be picked up.

Confidence, Exclusiveness, Status

Every detail designed for Voyager has had special care and attention taken into account to ensure that the overall aesthetic of the product, right from first glance, already evokes a sense of confidence, exclusiveness and status.

Stage 1 Concept Pitch Video

Live Projects: 2022 Design Week


A stoma bag system attachment device that alerts new stoma bag users when to empty and change their stoma pouches, reducing social anxiety and improving quality of life.

Confident and Intuitive Design

Re:mind’s aesthetic is light and approachable, with a clean silhouette and simple interface. The colour variants provide users with a personal choice of three colours: Ice Grey, Charcoal and Beige to match and compliment their stoma bags. With a minimal UI, and easy-to-follow instructions, Re:mind maintains confidence in users who are new to living with stomas.

An Undisruptive Addition that Improves the Quality of Life

Designed to fit seamlessly onto the flange with a pressure fit clip, and sit in between the bag and the skin barrier, Re:mind is a discreet and undisruptive attachment that will help users adjust to their new lifestyles.


  • 2022 Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Ponti Design Studio Hong Kong | Industrial Design Intern
• Sharpened design skills to industry calibre level through a range of projects.
• Collaborated closely with other members of the design team to work on existing client project modifications using SolidWorks and KeyShot.
• Took charge of studio’s socials, improving Instagram profile interactions by 100%.
• Edited product photographs for studio’s website and socials, using Photoshop.
• Assisted with copywriting for studio’s website and promotional material.
(October 2021 – September 2022)

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