Jess Gardner

To me, design is about the opportunity to produce well developed products. User-centred design is always at the heart of my thought process to create a final design that enhances people's lives.

Final Project


1 in 6 couples in the UK have trouble conceiving and over 50,000 patients undergo IVF each year. Over the course of one round of IVF, a patient could have to administer up to 90 injections. Pip aids women through this injection process via a combination of pain relief and reducing the anxiety around performing injections.

How it works

Pip uses a combination of Peltier cooling to numb the injection site and vibration to confuse the nerve endings and reduce the pain signals that reach the brain. This element is based on the gate control theory of pain.

The user is prevented from inserting the needle until the pain relief element is in action. Then they can twist the upper part of the device and inject themselves.

How it’s made

Pip is designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble to prolong its lifespan. It fits together using a combination of screws and press fits. The lack of glue makes it easy to disassemble for recycling. Pip uses a replaceable A23 battery and the internal components can be maintained or replaced as there is access through the base of the device. The casing is made of injection moulded ABS.

Design Detail

The device features an iris mechanism in the syringe holder. This allows the device to be compatible with different syringe diameters and injection pens so that it can be used with all IVF injection types. The top dial is rotated between the side notches to achieve the correct diameter.

Pip in use

The syringe holder can then be screwed into the main device at different heights depending on the length of the injection device used.

Other work

Bean There, Drank That

As a group, we were tasked with designing and prototyping a fully functional electro-mechanical coffee maker that used an AeroPress at its core. My focus was on the mechanical side of the project, designing solutions to integrate the AeroPress into the prototype. The AeroPress rotates 180 degrees so that the coffee is brewed using the inverted method. It’s then plunged for good cup of joe.


Fig is an app to help reduce domestic energy consumption by analysing the user’s smart meter data and suggesting energy saving tips. Energy bills are paid through the app and any savings made from reducing your energy can then be saved or invested through the app to provide incentives for users to lower their energy.

Work Experience

2021-2022 – During my placement year, I worked at Roper Rhodes bathroom company in the Product Development Department. My time was split between the Mirrors and Cabinets department and the Brassware department working on interactive mirrors and shower valves.

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