Robyn Sedwell

I am an imaginative designer, committed to crafting purposeful and captivating interactions through storytelling and user experience design.

Final Project


Enable is a nationwide initiative supported by the UK Government, which seeks to empower and improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Enable’s approach revolves around raising public awareness and offering empowering services to individuals with disabilities.

Disability Awareness in Schools

Enable provides educational resources to schools throughout the UK, incorporating disability awareness into the curriculum with engaging activities and lessons that promote a positive view of disabilities.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Enable will also shed light on disabilities to able-bodied members of the public to create empathy and understanding, making them more considerate to those around them.

The Enable App

The launch of an app will allow individuals with disabilities to identify locations suited to their needs, plan accessible journeys, giving them independence and freedom of choice while preventing them from encountering unexpected obstacles.

Wheelchair Design Competition

Each year Enable will organise a competition for children to submit their wheelchair designs. Using the ‘Design a Wheelchair’ activity sheet from the educational resource pack, the most imaginative designs, no matter how unconventional, will be constructed in real life and displayed in public places nationwide.

‘Design a Wheelchair’ Activity

This activity is designed to inspire children to think creatively about how specialised aids can empower and assist individuals with disabilities, challenging the idea that they are negative or limiting.

‘The Public Inconvenience’

Less than 50% of the UK’s toilets are accessible, and 78% of people with disabilities avoid public spaces they’re not certain has an accessible loo.

This campaign offers a unique simulation installation experience designed to educate able-bodied members of the public about just some of the barriers people with disabilities encounter on a daily basis. By providing a firsthand experience that mirrors these challenges, the campaign aims to create a deeper level of empathy and understanding among participants.

Seemingly normal public toilets will appear in town centres across the UK. However, they have been altered to mimic some of the barriers that wheelchair users and people with disabilities face in their daily lives.

The user will enter the public restroom, initially thinking nothing of it. However, as they progress further, their frustration builds as they encounter narrow winding corridors, cramped stalls, high steps, and sinks and mirrors that are unnaturally tall.

The Enable App

The Enable app empowers individuals with disabilities to explore new, accessible locations with confidence and independence. Users can acquire valuable information about the accessibility of these places through photos and reviews, save locations to create inclusive travel itineraries, and even book accessible transportation options.

Grading System

Under the proposed system, it becomes obligatory for all public venues and establishments to upload their accessibility data, which will then be evaluated using the Enable grading system. Enable will conduct audits and address any issues flagged through negative reviews, ensuring continuous improvement in accessibility standards.

Journey to the Show


Jet set across the cosmos on an interstellar adventure.

GalacticAir is a fictional airline company situated in the year 2083, providing exhilarating outer space expeditions to the most daring adventurers of the galaxy. The expeditions embark on voyages to actual locations within our galaxy, but not as we might know them today…

DREAMLANDS: A Place Beyond

Immerse yourself into one of Science’s most mystical and unanswered questions – dreaming.

This innovative and interactive exhibition explores theories around dreaming through a series of related multi-sensual experiences. It incorporates science and technology in an exciting and immersive way for the audience to escape reality, unlock their mind’s potential, becoming educated about dreams and cognition whilst enveloped in a full-body experience.


DPS – Diploma in Professional Studies – Loughborough University

Work Experience

Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd, Tokyo – Junior Designer
September 2021 – September 2022

During my year in industry at Makino, a multinational Japanese company that specialises in CNC machine design, I worked as a member of the in-house design team located at the Tokyo headquarters. This experience provided me with the chance to actively contribute to various ongoing projects within the company, such as UI and UX design, logo development, branding, and concept design.

Easystrong Coaching Co. – Graphic Designer
2020 – Present

I’m the graphic designer for a rapidly expanding business specialising in powerlifting and body composition coaching. My role involves enhancing social media presence, crafting a captivating brand identity that attracts new clients through a visual style that defies traditional lifting norms, and visualising engaging educational posts.

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