Léa Scancariello

I am a designer that enjoys creating work that engages with people and communities. From campaigns to editorial work, I like to create striking visuals that can broaden people's perspectives, generate conversation and potentially inspire change.

Final Project


Radius is a socially conscious zine with each edition focusing on a different issue in the UK. Radius aims to broaden people’s perspectives by giving them an overview of the problems’ key aspects without being intimidated. Each edition also features someone’s personal story to truly and fully understand the scale of these issues, but also to make them question stereotypes and prejudices they may have. Radius simply aims to bring people closer together and create more empathetic and understanding communities.

First Edition : The County Lines

The first edition of Radius is focused on County Lines in the UK, it explains what County Lines are and what they involve. It also explains the signs of exploitation to look out for, but also the signs that a line could be operating near you. It also brings to light Ryan’s story, a young boy who chose became a part of the drug trade in the uk. Finally there is a QR code that will give the reader organisations to talk to if they are concerned for their local area.

Second Edition: Poverty in the UK

The second edition of Radius is focused on Poverty in the UK, it explains the depth of the problem and highlights the harsh reality of unprecedented poverty in the UK. It discusses the consequences of poverty on individuals and communities and also drawing into the connection between the pandemic and the cost of living crisis. This edition also bring to light Michael’s story.

Journey to the Show


“The 2019 General Election saw a turnout of around 47% amongst voters aged 18-24, a decrease of 7% when compared to 2017.”

We are described as the disillusioned youth, that we are disinterested and unmotivated, whereas in reality young people are more socially aware than ever, I want to remind young people that they have the power to create change, that if they make a big enough statement, the politicians will have to listen. 

Our campaign is built on people sharing. We want to give a voice to the young people in our local areas. They don’t need any more disconnected politicians telling them what to do. The inspiration should come from their peers.  

Home page

Our home page of the website can be reached by searching for www.illusionedyouth.co.uk or following the hashtag on social media. The home page features a way to get all the information you need to learn about us. You can: find your community manifesto, register to vote and learn about us.

Anything uploaded to the manifesto page is sent to the local MP every month to show them what is a priority to their constituents. Wether they choose to ignore or carry it forward, they will be confronted by the will of the people.

Community Manifesto Page

Each consituency is a community, some are larger areas than others so they may be split.

In each ‘community’ people have the option to upload their thoughts on their local area. It could be problems, solutions or successes. People can communicate these in anyway they like. Some may choose to be creative and upload illustrations or posters, others photographs, some may choose to write a short paragraph others a short statement.

We encourage it all!

The campaign includes a selection of posters and urban art that would engage with several members of the community in various areas.


Abortion as healthcare

Abortion is healthcare and abortion is common. Approximately one in five people capable of getting pregnant will have an abortion by age 30, and one in four by age 45. 

There is a need to normalise this conversation and position medication abortion as healthcare. I have created a campaign that builds a movement to re frame abortion as an essential right and routine procedure that is embedded in women’s health.


Interactive Posters

Each poster has a QR code that takes the viewer to the website where they can share their own opinions of what abortion means, they can also learn about accessing abortions

Various poster types will be placed around towns and cities and towns with the majority being placed in the centre.

The campaign aims to get people to confront their biases and reconsider what abortion means to them, but also the benefits that accessible abortions bring to society.


I received the John Mack Foundation Award in 2020 for Graphic Communication

Work Experience

I have worked freelance with event organisers creating promotional posters, instagram stories and reels throughout 2022 and 2023, I found it a very valuable experience working closely with the clients to achieve the perfect outcome for them, it has also afforded me the opportunity to learn to work with video editing software.

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