Final Project

The Living Book

An immersive popup experience that is designed to remind adults of the magic of books and inspire them to return to reading, as well as educate them on the benefits of doing so.

It takes key locations from a chosen book and brings it to life using lighting, sound, and scent to create the atmosphere of the setting. Located in areas of high footfall it targets a captive audience.

The following visuals demonstrate how the popup could work for the case study novel A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab.

“The Stone’s Throw was an odd little tavern. Its walls were dingy and its floors were stained… despite its grungy appearance and grungier customers, the fact was that, by luck or design, the Stone’s Throw was always there. The name changed, of course, and so did the drinks it served, but at this very spot in Grey, Red, and White London alike, stood a tavern… A fixed point.” (Schwab, 2015, p. 26)

Grey London – Atmosphere

“In Grey London—your London—humanity grew strong and magic weak”. “Grey for the magic-less city.” “rough stone and soot-stained glass“ “the black slick of the Thames”. “Grey London receded into quiet obliviousness”

Red London – Atmosphere

“Red, for the healthy empire.”  “everything was bright and colorful and humming with power” “running through… everything, was an energy” “flowers on the air. Lilies and marigolds and stargazers. The scent was overpowering” “It shone with an impossible red light, as if lit from beneath”

White London – Atmosphere

“White, for the starving world.”   “its starving, power-hungry populace” “a place torn by violence and power” “the river…a pearly, half-frozen stretch of water, shining dully in the thickening night” “the faded backdrop of the city streets,” “The city, once glorious, fell to chaos and conquering. Blood and ash” “A city of extremes.  Thrilling, maybe, but deadly.”

Book Room

Where the audience are informed the location they have just been transported to is from a book. They are invited to continue the journey by purchasing the book at a discounted price in a format that suits them (normal, large print, audiobook).

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