Adam Brennan

I am a highly motivated, multidiscplinary designer with a passion for branding and typography. The majority of my work is focused towards brand identity and packaging design.


Renew is a relaxation facility located on Mars. The service is aimed at people who are who are struggling to keep up with the rampant revolution of artificial intelligence. This has led to humanity to become dehumanised due to their inability to keep up with the relentless work rate of artificial intelligence. Renew is offering an out of this world, alluring relaxation to the fatigued who have lost their identity.


Holymoly is a brand-new service that delivers nutritious, fresh hemp milk in glass bottles to your doorstep. Milk delivery and demand of glass over plastic has increased again with many consumers deciding to go back to the future. Holymoly was created to appeal to; omnivores, vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, well just about anyone. The service is designed for anyone who is conscious on the environmental issues associated with their diet, their plastic footprint and their carbon footprint.


Interia is an online marketplace for pre-loved vintage furniture. What sets Interia apart from competitors is the unique trade feature. This feature allows customers to list their furniture and select a desired swap for their item. This can be categorised by style, era or designer. Interia offers a solution to consumers wanting to acquire stylish and timeless furniture that won’t ever go out of fashion.

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