Rebecca Ayres

I’m Becca, a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on brand identity and campastrategy. I enjoy discovering ways in which to communicate with an audience to make them change their behaviours and bring these ideas to life with innovative design solutions.

Final Project

The Sniff Test Campaign

According to recent research, 9.5 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK over the course of one year.

By ignoring best-before dates on food packaging it has been estimated that we could save up to 11,000 tonnes of food each year, preventing the harmful impacts of food waste.

The sniff test campaign aims to use graphic design solutions to encourage people to sniff their food instead.


Each of my touchpoints are informed by various personas based on real-world research regarding why people don’t already sniff their food, and what might motivate them to change this. Each touchpoint targets a different persona to try and make them sniff

“At the Sniff Test Campaign we believe that everyone should be smelling their food, and we hope that by the end of our campaign, everyone will be taking a big sniff.”

In Store Touchpoints

The campaign will kickstart in store. I have created a series of posters that will be found around supermarkets. These will hit different points of motivation to encourage people to sniff their food, such as environmental impact, and money saved.

At Home Touchpoints

The home is where people make choices about throwing away food, so this is where interventions can be made and information can be given. One asset that will follow users into the home is an information pack telling them what smells to look out for when determining whether to throw food away. This will alleviate anxieties that some people have regarding trusting their senses, and knowing when something’s gone bad.

The Stickers

As a part of the campaign, I created a number of bespoke stickers encouraging supermarket customers to sniff their food instead of following best-before dates. The moment of intervention where people will change their habits comes when they are throwing away their food. To disrupt the behaviour of checking best-before dates, The Sniff Test use their sticker designs to cover up these dates, asking people to sniff instead.

Other Project Work

eBay: Find Your Crowd

eBay’s ‘Find Your Crowd’ aims to help university students suffering from loneliness by building connections between postgraduate and undergraduate students through buying and selling pre-loved goods.

Through eBay, postgraduate students are able to sell on their pre-loved items that might be collecting dust once they have graduated, and freshers will be able to use them to try new things and find their crowd. 

Postgraduate Ads

I created a series of social media adverts targeted at postgraduate students who are just out of university. The motivation behind these adverts is to sell their beloved objects from their time at university, giving them new life with an undergraduate student, and giving them the opportunity to find their crowd.

Undergraduate Ads

These instagram ads are targeted at undergraduate students who want to find their crowd at university. I used real stories from postgraduate student objects to inspire and show undergraduate students the endless possibilities given to them from pre-loved goods.


Alongside targeted social media ads, I also created on-campus adverts. These are in locations proven to be most likely to leave students feeling lonely, such as outside student’s union queues,  accommodation facilities, and social study areas.


Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

I spent a year of my studies working at the Creative and Print team within Loughborough University’s marketing department.

Here I learnt valuable skills to improve my design acumen and gained experience working in a studio, completing projects such as the 2023 Clearing Campaign and Illustrated Sports Map.

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