Josh Richardson

A creative, multidisciplinary designer who's keen to solve real life issues and has a high attention to detail.

Final Project


A compact, portable product which aids the self-prevention and recovery from sports related injuries through quick and unobtrusive hands-free treatments, for both at home or on the move.

Simply attach the straps to InfraLite, fix to the intended target area and select the treatment settings on the device or app.

How it works

InfraLite delivers a combination of red and near infrared light to promote blood flow and natural healing processes within the body, resulting in reduced injury recovery times.

Anything from bruises, pulled muscles to deeper joint pains can all be targeted with InfraLite, which is not always achievable by products such as massage guns due to their incompatibility with certain injuries or inability to penetrate deep enough.

Once recovered, you can still use InfraLite for pre-workout warm ups and post-session recovery to improve sports performance.

Adaptive treatment plans

The InfraLite app enables users to easily manage and track injury progress, while also providing personalised and adaptive injury specific treatment plans to help fitness enthusiasts get back on track.

Auto-generated treatment settings are seamlessly uploaded to InfraLite from your phone, delivering the most effective treatment sessions scheduled around the users daily routine.

Strap Mechanism

Through iterative 3D printing, an quick & easy to use magnetic attachment mechanism was developed to improve user experience of fixing InfraLite to the users body.

User Testing

Through user testing, common pain points were identified in order to redesign and refine certain elements of both the physical and digital product.


InfraLite is manufactured from injection moulded ABS and silicone while being and designed for repair, meaning no adhesive are used so faulty parts can easily be replaced.

Journey to the Show

Florere – Grow Together (RSA Design Awards Finalist):

Helping to identify and reinforce positive personal well-being habits through the use of a companion plant to improve generational well-being.

Samsung Infinity

A smart assistant to help reduce domestic food waste in young families by providing visual cues, ingredient management & meal planning using expiring ingredients.

Meal Deal

A convenient yet engaging solution for organising family meals around busy schedules, while also aiming to simultaneously reduce domestic energy reduction.


  • 2023: RSA Design Awards Finalist
  • 2021/22: Diploma of Industrial Studies
  • 2019: Student Starpack Awards (Bronze)

Work Experience

2021/22: – Creative Designer
A 12-month placement which consisted of hybrid working in a small design team assisting all sectors of the company.

Key skills included:
Graphic design, website management, rendering, print materials, vector animation, supplier sourcing.

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