Final Project


Flyytta aims to address high dissatisfaction rates among recipients of major knee surgery by providing a low-cost remote-rehabilitation device that can assist physiotherapists in providing more complete physiotherapy care. It provides medical staff with impactful quantitative data on patient recovery, allowing for tailoring of physiotherapy care and opportunities for data-inferred medical intervention


Flyytta provides patients with motivational biofeedback data to help tackle poor exercise adherence rates. It can help users promote their own recovery, reducing time and improving quality of in-person physiotherapy meetings or replacing them altogether.

Electronic Prototyping

Flyytta utilises low-footprint inertial-measurement-units that compare knee angle data, communicating this with the user and medical staff. Electronic prototyping carried out with Arduino.

Physical Prototyping

Physical prototypes exploring display unit form as well as functionality of polyurethane contact-band.

Work Experience

Labman Automation- Intern

Internship at Labman Automation, a company that designs and builds custom automation systems. Duties included creating concepts for new automated system proposals and designing components for existing systems. I was also involved with robot construction and testing.

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