Ollie Mathews

I am a passionate industrial designer who takes pride in my ability to conceptualise innovative and inspiring designs.

Final Project


SOLA is a handheld UV phototherapy device that is prescribed by healthcare professionals to treat both moderate and severe eczema at home. UV light at a specific wavelength is proven to reduce eczema flares significantly and is a credible alternative to commonly overused topical steroid creams. The patient can clip their mobile phone to SOLA in order to take high quality images of their eczema flare to send to their dermatologist, who can incidentally personalise treatment plans and curate progress reports.

Design for Manufacture

Considerable thought was taken to realise the feasibility of the design for manufacture

SOLA emulates elegance and professionalism in every aspect of the design form and aesthetic.

Prototype Development

To bring the project vision to life, I employed a rigorous design thinking process, conducted thorough user experience analysis, and implemented comprehensive user testing. These efforts culminated in the development of a functional interactive prototype.

I was able to create a core of users who were involved throughout the whole design process who were able to give me feedback on every design decision.

A substantial degree of user testing throughout the design process allowed me to tailor the product directly to the consumer.

I programmed and embedded a Neopixel LED ring light into the model to bring the concept to life.

The SOLA phototherapy device works in tandem with the SOLA app. It allows the patient to upload images of their flares to their dermatologist, and generate personalised reports based off the images via an AI image recognition tool embedded into the app.

The user can also schedule new appointments with their healthcare professional and contact them directly with appointment based video calling.

Journey to the Show

The design sprint was a fantastic opportunity to showcase my design intent for medical products. I developed a portable spirometer for patients with chronic lung diseases to monitor their vital capacity from home in order to help offload the strain of lung disease patients in the NHS.

User experience design is a discipline I have become very interested in over the year. I have explored concepts and interactions in a human factors space to generate new ideas on what user experience actually means. This includes both an app for SOLA, as well as an energy saving app for graduates working abroad.

Work Experience

I was fortunate to spend a year with the design team at Smallfry Industrial Design Consultancy in 2022. I became an integral member of the design team working on a variety of products for recognisable brands. The knowledge I transferred from placement into final year is predominantly down to the innovative team working in the heart of the Midlands guiding me during placement. They sculpted me into a confident young designer and I am grateful for the opportunity.

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