Final Project

Eden: An Automated Vertical Smart Garden

An automated smart garden designed to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in the heart of the home. Eden provides new opportunities for those seeking an accessible, sustainable, and rewarding gardening experience that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle or urban environment.

Its easy with Eden

The smart garden uses an automated aeroponics system to deliver a nutrient-rich mist directly to the plant roots, optimising plant growth and productivity.

Eden incorporates full spectrum LED technology to provide optimal light and intensity, promoting healthy plant growth all year round.

Grow Smarter, Live Greener

Providing seedlings gives a head start in your gardening journey. They are packaged in easy removable pods that fit straight into the smart garden in assembly.

It’s Thyme to Garden

Promoting recycling and circular economy

Easy, sustainable packaging made from recycled paper pulp.

Recycled cardboard

Seedling installation
Sketching/form ideation
Root vegetable component

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Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers