Final Project


This project offers a service design for individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease who desire to travel but lack adequate resources to manage their symptoms. The service comprises a service app, a travel case and a reusable autoinjector that enables patients to self-administer biologic infusions subcutaneously as an alternative to bimonthly IV infusions.

Reusable Autoinjector

By prioritising interaction, the product aims to enhance user compliance and confidence during self-administration, by keeping the needle hidden throughout the injection process.

Service Application

This service app boasts an extensive feature set that enables the user to travel and manage their Crohn’s symptoms with ease. Key features include: symptom tracking, diet tips and translation services.

Flat Pack Children’s Furniture

The brief, provided by DCA Design International was “To propose a physical product that a brand could launch to enrich lives and aid the cost – of – living – crisis.” My proposal was Ikea flat pack children’s furniture made from corrugated cardboard.

Design Week 2023 – Brief A

Journey to the Show

After some form board driven sketch development in the first semester of my final year project, I arrived at a primitive initial concept that shows interaction and form.

I continued to develop this concept through sketching and CAD. Alongside the autoinjector, I also developed a travel case.

This was my design proposal at the end of semester 1. The feedback I received guided me towards developing the aesthetics and user interaction.

Having received my feedback from semester 1, I re-generated a few form boards, looking at: RedDot medical products, surface detailing and CMF.

This allowed me to start re-developing my concept. After an extensive development process that involved: sketching, CAD prototyping, physical prototyping, evaluation etc. I found a form I was happy with. This allowed me to move onto the internal design.

This exploded view shows all of the internal components that make up the autoinjector. The design has carefully considered rib placement to ensure the components remain in place.


  • DCA Design International – 2nd place award, design week
  • Starpack Bronze award

Work Experience

Placement – PriestmanGoode 2021 – 2022

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