Final Project

R&R Fragrances

My final project is a personalised aromatherapy service called R&R Fragrances.

This is a service created for women with anxiety, to help them take a first step in overcoming their symptoms.

The product

R&R Fragrances creates aromatherapy sprays, using a blend of essential oils which have been specifically tailored based on the customers anxiety and symptoms.

Taking control

The main aim of this brand is to give women with anxiety a tool to to empower themselves and take their first step towards managing their symptoms. With each product purchased, customers will also recieve a free advice card, featuring advice on how to take that all important second step.

These advice cards are tailored to the customer to support their aromatherapy formula; they include self help tips such as excercise and mindulfness. The other purpose of these cards however, is to promote brand loyalty.

Each card features a unique code, and when a customer collects three cards, they can use these codes to get a discount on their next order- encouraging them to continue using the service.


The R&R website is designed with aromatherapy sceptics in mind: the homepage features persuasive content such as reviews and study based information on why the service works. The website also features a blog full of studies and articles about aromatherapy and its benefits against anxiety.


The R&R questionnaire is how customers tailor their order to their anxiety needs; the questionnaire gathers information about the customer and their anxiety and uses this information to formulate an aromatherapy blend that will work for them.

Journey to the Show

Muscle and Hustle: Level up your life is a project I created in collaboration with Alicia Andrusyk. We created Muscle and Hustle in response to this year’s DandAD Gymshark brief, as a tool for students to improve areas of their life in a fun and competitive way.

Muscle and Hustle is a Gymshark campaign in which students recieve a set of cards, featuring four decks: Food, Fitness, Focus, Feel good. Each deck contains a task on each card which is intended to help the user to to ‘level up’ in that area of their life.

Users can then use the Gymshark app to track and share their progress and compare with their university’s Muscle and Hustle community. Users are also encouraged to get involved with the campaign by sharing their activities on social media under #MuscleandHustle.

Connect is a networking app for black professionals working in fashion, aiming to help tackle the issue of the underrepresentation of black people in the industry. The fashion industry has, for far too long, had an issue with race and the underrepresentation of people of colour, the consequences of which are vast and have a knock-on effect on society and beauty standards.

Connect is designed to help tackle underrepresentation within fashion by providing young, black professionals with the tools that they need to rise and succeed, leading to better representation across all levels and areas of the industry.


Train and Gain- media rep

During my third year at university I have been working as one of two media representatives for LSU’s Train and Gain society. I create social media content and marketing material, as well as assisting with the general running of the society alongside the rest of our committee.

CASH- graphic media coordinator

During my second year I worked as Graphic Media coordinator for the LSU’s Consent and Sexual Health organisation. My role was to create all promotional material and the majority of social media content for the association. I also carried out other responsibilities, such as delivering consent training.

Our Streets Now- content designer

Also during my second year, I volunteered with Our Streets Now, a campaign aiming to make public sexual harrasment a crime in the UK. I created content for the campaign’s social media, which included design work, content creation, and extensive research for each post.

Label- Head of design

As Head of Design of LSU media’s magazine in my second year, I was responsible for all the designs of Label’s articles. It was my job to assign designers to articles, liase with editors to collect briefs for assignment, approve article designs, and oversee my design team. I also created my own designs for the magazine, of which this image is an example.

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