Final Project


Rizz is a brand that uses colourful and inviting ring designs targeted towards children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes as a more discreet yet fashionable way to keep track of blood sugar levels.

How The Ring Works

The rings have a non-evasive sensor in the inner circle of the ring which is used to detect blood sugar levels. The amount of glucose in the blood is then displayed on the outer ring.

The colour of the ring changes depending on if the person wearing it has lower or higher than normal blood sugar level. The ring also vibrates to help alert the wearer to act accordingly in order to get blood sugar levels within normal range.

A Ring With Purpose

Children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes are far more susceptible to bullying which can severely affect their mental health and impact their ability to manage the chronic disease.

By wearing a ring by Rizz, it gives young diabetics more confidence as the medical device is camouflaged to appear as a fashionable accessory.

Additional Outcomes

Visionary Thinkers

Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers