Olivia Hart

I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer who enjoys everything from photography, videography, advertising and branding.

D&AD – The Adventurous Spirit

Working on the D&AD New Blood awards brief from William Lawson,
I have sought to develop an advertising campaign combining video and print design, highlighting how the new lower alcohol Scotch Whisky can accompany 18-29 year olds social lives.

The campaign highlights the journey from work to life outside the office and the various adventurous outlets that can be enjoyed with friends; in order to stay recharged and motivated.

The Scotch Whisky is shown to be enjoyed socially once they have faced the elements, completed their fun
activity and desire a refreshing reward together.

Poster series

These dual sided billboards amplify the advert’s narrative and signifies the importance of having an outlet that can be enjoyed
alongside company.

Brussels Station
London Underground
Instagram Reel
Youtube Short

Journey to the show

The Marmalade Reinvention Project

There is a widespread perception about Marmalade that it is for the older generation. Industry figures highlight that 70% of Marmalade buyers are over the age of 65.  Within society, Marmalade is being rejected by those under 28, potentially leading it to become a dying product.

This project focused on working with a key player within the industry ‘Tiptree’, to create a packaging rebrand, re-crafting the traditional look of the current branding to enhance its appeal to 20-30 year olds.

The Jar

The jars have been redesigned to incorporate ingredient measurements as well as the incentive of a recipe.
This encourages the customer to try Marmalade, incorporate the preserve in a recipe and reuse the jar.

Social engagement

Work Experience

I had the opportunity to enhance my new found skill set throughout my placement year, experiencing website rebrands, shoots, site visits and client pitches.

December 2021 – February 2022
Junior Graphic Designer, Philosophy Design, Shoreditch London

March 2022 – July 2022
Junior Graphic Designer, I-AM, Shoreditch London

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