Final Project

Mattress to Marathon

An app to provide first time marathon runners with a training programme. M2M is an easy to use app that has teamed up with the London marathon to provide key information and advice for first time marathon runners.

A preview of the app home screens and homepage, that includes 4 features to the app. The runs, recovery, motivational and food.  


This feature within the app provides the user with a weekly plan up to 16 weeks, with a daily running length and the speeds of the runs included. It also informs you on rest days, in order to help your body recover. 


The app includes features such as motivation, which showcases your charity donations to help motivate you to keep going, it also allows for you to see other uses on the app who are also raising money for the same charity as you.

More Features:


This feature is all about food, you are given suggestion of meals throughout the day with snack ideas included. Also a big reminder that food is fuel and without eating right you will not progress within your running. 


This feature is about recovery, providing the user with tips and tricks in order to help prevent injury during the training process.

About me:

Beyond school, I have raced for the British School Girls Ski race since year 7. I have also competed in national lacrosse, show jumping competitions, county cross country running and winning several netball competions. All this has helped me become a team player, knowing that you have to work together to be rewarded with good results, it has also shown me how to be a leader when necessary. Working together in a team has also shaped my personality as listening to others opinions and working together to solve a problem is a lot more effective. 

In contrast to all those physically draining activities I always come back to art as a peaceful way to express myself.

Through bar work I have gained a realistic experience in a social form of work, which entails team work, taking orders and working with new people in order to create a good experience for all customers.

When working as a horse groomer I had to learn how to be self suffient, planning my hours in order to complete every task to the best of my ability and within the hours provided. I also had to take on horses welfare maintaining their health and wellbeing.

Through gaining work experience at Dekko advertising agency. I was given the opportunity to design a leaflet, which would be sold at a charity rugby game, the Army vs the Navy. This experience was invaluable to me as an artist. Everything I had learnt about art and design was tested through this task. I wanted to interact with the public through my design and encourage them to attend and donate money. I decided to use bold bright colors and draw rugby players in motion. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from the experience as it showed me the tasks Graphic designers were expected to do, it also bettered my skills in Photoshop.

Work Experience

Work Experience dekko, london ,greater london 

• Experienced real life working from 9 – 5

• Interact with the public with design ideas

• Broadened my knowledge for design and 

allowed me to work with photoshop, 

teaching me new ways to design digitally

May 2019 to July 2019

Bar Waitress Zetland arms , london , greater london 

• Tracked stock levels on a shift basis,

 replenishing stock and ensuring high stock levels.

• Maintained an immaculate bar in line with

 customers in mind, maintaining high standards.

• Transported all dirty tableware from dining room to 

dishwashing area for proper cleaning.

• Stocked and maintained silverware, linens and 


• Stocked beer and wine coolers.

• Monitored glassware and stemware inventory.

• Delivered exceptional, friendly and fast service.

February 2016 to April 2016

Groomer of Animals Dr Mark Harrison, Nailsworth , Gloucestireshire 

• Brushed, trimmed and shaved coats of several horses,

 enhancing animal wellbeing.

• Bathed, shampooed and conditioned horses coats, 

administering additional creams and medical products 

as required.

• Protected animal health and wellbeing by keeping 

all areas clean, organised and free of hazards.

• Exercised and fed several animals, to a high standard 

ensuring their health and wellbeing.

June 2022  to september 2022:

Host staff employee

• Worked an array of different jobs 

• Bartending 

• British summer time ball 

• Oval cricket grounds 

• Customer service 

• Conference calls


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