Molly Harvey

I am an enthusiastic Graphic Designer who loves working with illustration and branding to create exciting and responsive design solutions.

Final Project

Welcome to Lichfield

My final project is a response to the RSA ‘Signalling Change’ brief.

I designed a mural welcoming visitors to Lichfield as they arrive at the train station.

The Design

The illustrations include the best spots in Lichfield as suggested by locals.

The designs are used throughout the city in different ways such as on shopping bags, to create a sense of community and encourage the use of local businesses.

Development of the App

Alongside the illustration, I designed an App where the user can check in to the location through the QR code on the mural, and get the best recommendations for food, drink and entertainment venues in the area.

This expands the project outside of Lichfield and shows the potential of the service across other locations.

This shows the design further spread throughout the city on coffee cups, which may be given out by the businesses featured in the illustrations.

The shelter on the platform of the train station also incorporates the design, further pushing the illustrations and branding of the project across different touch-points.

Other Projects

A project inspired by the D&AD eBay brief.

I created an animatic story, encouraging young people to start selling on eBay. This was made in a format that was compatible with Instagram stories, so could be shared across social media platforms.

A project as a response to the HP Indigo X Top Trumps brief by D&AD.

I designed a new set of Top Trumps cards for Harry Styles fans, which depicted his outfits from his 2022 tour. This project aimed to encapsulate the essence of Harry Styles’ brand and what his fans would want out of a Top Trumps game, without changing the nature of the game itself.

A self guided project around the menopause in workplaces.

I created a platform that educated employers about the menopause, with a goal of creating a more inclusive and knowledgable workplace for those going through it. I designed a website which acted as a hub of information for employers and colleagues to access, and included resources for women who may be suffering to manage their symptoms.

Work Experience

Although having not done a placement in my time at university, I completed a report on the industry where I did some important research, and am now ready to take on new challenges and gain valuable experience.

I have worked in retail for the past five years and have managed a team of my own, so have amazing experience in working in a team and leading where necessary. I have also gained incredible people skills, and have experience of problem solving in high pressure situations.

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