Natasha Opacic

Animation is my preferred medium to represent the connection between loss, faith, war, and conflict. My heritage to Croatia and its present association to the Yugoslav wars are the catalyst to the narrative within my animated works.

Final Project

вера испреплетена – ‘Faith Intertwined’

‘Faith Intertwined’ explores the evolution and similarities between Slavic Paganism and Orthodox Christianity. The imagery is an amalgamation of different Gods, inhabiting scenes that have underlying themes of conflict.

The Virgin Mary crying within my charcoal animation.
A still frame image from my animation showing a censer emitting smoke.

Charcoal as a Tool for Animation

Charcoal allows animated scenes to be easily transformed, as it is delicate and can be simply brushed away. The nature of this medium aptly translates the themes on screen; the exploration of generations being lost but never entirely forgotten.

The Importance of Gold Leaf

Gold leaf, famously associated with religious iconography provides a reminder that while things are temporary, they are also precious. 

Gold leaf surrounding a podium with the Holy Bible.


Croatian mountains drawn with white charcoal.

Experimentation with white charcoal prior to animation, showed the medium very capable of emphasising the natural beauty and surroundings of Croatia. 

A floating building surrounded by lost and fallen soldiers. Yugoslav coloured clouds are in the background.

The tri-colours of the flag of Yugoslavia act as a broken backdrop combined with the imagery of fallen soldiers, reminding the viewer that there are no winners in war.

The Virgin Mary above many haunting hands grasping towards her.

Charcoal was an invaluable tool in creating the unsettling religious imagery, contrasting sharply with the traditionally painted iconography of the Virgin Mary.

The Serbian flag with a drawing replacing the white at the bottom. The drawing is of Croatian mountains and various gravestones.

Continuing with the tricolour theme, this piece includes personal imagery from family graves.

посматрач – ‘Bystander’

This is a previous animated work combining both past and present, incorporating my family’s history and events from the recent Yugoslav wars. Nikola Tesla is the ‘посматрач’ or bystander watching the horrors of war unfold in his country, a future he would never see, but tried hard to prevent with his teachings and inventions for mankind.

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