Final Project

Abstract Landscape

My practice explores contemporary landscapes and concepts around the sublime, nature and memory through large-scale paintings. A key aspect of my work lies in the physical layering of paint and brushwork technique. I combine oil paint with multiple mediums to convey different textures, each unique to its specific landscape.

The Sublime

I wish to create an atmosphere where not only the landscape is seen but the weather, light and texture of a landscape can be felt and experienced, further emulating notions of the sublime where awe, wonder, power, and greatness can be felt throughout my artwork.


Memory is also an occurring theme in my artwork. I use my own memory of a place and focus on replicating the atmosphere, weather and experience of that landscape. Colour and texture then come together to form these paintings. My hope is that the viewer will then experience the feeling of my landscape and consequently be reminded of a place specific to them.

Journey to the Show

My journey began with being interested in the makeup of a landscape. I have explored not only the visible aspects of a landscape but also the wind, weather and memory of a place, and how that has an impact on the portrayal of a landscape painting.

Experimentation with different mediums to create the varied textures in landscapes has been the key factor in the development of my paintings. Sand, salt, PVA, plaster and different forms of gel and pastes are prevalent in my works.

Pairing colour to texture is also important in my paintings to further convey a landscape’s atmosphere. With the sublime as an inspiration, I have been able to create these artworks and explore the overwhelming feeling that can be experienced by nature.

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