Molly Pearce

I am a multi media textiles student who loves to experiment using colour, scale and texture in my work. I like to combine the digital print process with multi media techniques to create new a innovative designs.

Final Project


My project explores the mental attitude of artists throughout history and the impact this had on creatives work. I have focused my research specifically on artists Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, and Picasso as my main muses for the inspiration of my project. All three artists suffered with mental illness and addiction which subsequently led this to be a subject of their art. 

Each of my pieces represents a toxic substance or emotion that was felt from the artist during their addiction. My collection is aimed for a high-end fashion outcome with a bold, unconventional, alternative fashion feel. I aim to attain a level of surprise with a combination of art and fashion which has driven the direction of my work. I have used colour, scale, texture, and techniques to explore the sensations drug taking can make you feel, my collection will transport the viewer into the mind of someone under the influence.

Magic mushroom neck piece

I have used hand quilting and padding to create a neck adornment which resembles the close up textures of a mushroom. This piece interacts with one of my other final designs which is a padded face garment (seen above) which when styled together shows the mushroom coming out of a head (portraying that all drugs alter your brain and effect how people think and act).

Quoting artists  

A big part of my research in this project has been into quotes said by artists throughout history. There has been some amazing quotes that I just couldn’t resist using in some of my work, creating large digital prints and badges. I even used a quote by Salvador Dali as the title of my project as it just suited it so perfectly.


“Blurred vision” takes the viewer into the eyes of someone experiencing the side effects drug addiction has on your eyesight. Hallucinogens distort and intensify auditory and visual sensations. This is the work in progress digital version of “blurred vision” which has been printed onto fabric and pleated so you see multiple images in one design. Images of final designs on @mollypearce_textiles on instagram

Developing my final project

Here is an image of the development of “Blurred Vision”. I started by experimenting using paper which was then pleated by hand. I printed out my digital designs and manipulated the designs by hand to see what the outcome would look like.

Close up of a layered digital print in my final collection.

Here is a development design of a visualisation for my collection. I wanted to focus on oversized garments and large scale when visualising. I have also used images of the artists I have researched faces to add an element of humour.

Work Experience

EDWINA IBBOTSON MILLINERY – Millinery placement, creating bespoke hats for clients and photoshoots for magazines including Harpers Bazaar. Other tasks included creating proposals, social media work, drawings and daily errands.

HAWTHORNE AND HEANEY – studio intern responsible for updating social media platforms and researching into anything the team needed. I also was involved in big sewing projects for clients. I also was set my own project which had a set brief which was completed throughout the whole placement.

AMANDA KELLY – Studio intern with multiple daily tasks such as photographing designs and uploaded them to their website, finishing edges attending and helping sell at London Textile fair

MOLLY PEARCE CLOTHING – During my placement year I set up my own small business selling hand picked vintage clothing on a platform called Depop. I started this as I have a love of vintage clothing and keeping fashion circular. From October 2021-January 2023 i have sold over 1700 items of clothing and have become a verified top seller ranking in the top 140 sellers in the world with Depop currently have 4.5 million users on the platform. I am hoping to continue to grow and work on my business in the upcoming years

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