Final Project

Age of Krishna and Kali

my project explores the spiritual and material nature of this world. Krishna is the supreme personality of godhead and Kali-yuga is the age of darkness. We are surrounded by this darkness and sin in this world; however, Krishna is the energy of light to guide us away. Where there is the spiritual there is material hence forth heaven and hell. My project is an high fashion unisex collection illustrating avatars of Krishna whom manifest to prove righteousness over evil, as well as the four sinful activities, illicit sex, gambling, meat eating and intoxication. 

Tapestry Piece

For this embossed tapestry piece, I wanted to manipulate the fabric to show imagery and storytelling. The universal form of Krishna is the main focal point, this form of Krishna is the unified universe all at once, where the past present and future can be seen. All the Demi- gods are present he has an infinite number of bodies and energy where everyone exists. The heads transform into people falling as they are committing sinful activities. In the middle of the piece lays a meditating soul who is connected to Krishna; hence he is under the shelter of the divine. 

The meaning of this piece expresses Lord Krishna’s power and presences, and how both good exists with the sins of world, as they both exists as Krishna’s energy.



Technique and Processes

Throughout this project, I have been sampling and testing embossing on various materials such as velvets, pleather and suedes. To imprint the design I experimented with acrylic and wood laser cut templates that would be heat pressed or steamed to imprint the design. For these pieces I created illustrations of different incarnations of Krishna who manifest to prove righteousness over evil, Lord Nrisinghadev who is part lion, part man and Lord Rama who is a King and warrior. 

Digital Prints

As this project is on heaven and hell, I have created samples for both sides, for my digital prints for heaven I created a collage of all the Vedic demigods and gods. For my sinner’s side, I have created an explicit design showcasing the four sins.


My digital embroidery is composed of a satin stitch that illustrates the Trimurti, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, together they are the holy trinity and are the great creators and destroyers of the world. Without their conduct, nothing would seize to exist.   


For my jacquards, I focused on hands as symbolism within Vedic religion is a language to explain the qualities of gods. For heaven hands, I took inspiration from the universal form as Krishna has an infinite amount of arms which hold armour and divine items. For hell hands, I took inspiration from a temple in Thailand where they have a flood of sculpture hands on the ground before entering the temple.

Digital print, The Gods.

Digital Print, The sinners.

“I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who know this perfectly engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.”

– Lord Krishna, Bhagvad Gita C10

Embroidery Project

This project was inspired by the avatars of Krishna who take the form as divine animals and human forms. I looked at Matsya, the fish, Lord Nrisinghadev, half lion part man, the peacock, as Krishna is always seen with a peacock feather in his turban. 

Through this project I worked on velvets, satins, silks and organza’s as well as pinstripe. Using satin stitch to create beautiful motifs and compositions for a high fashion collection for women. 

Lord Nrisinghadev inspired, lioness digital emboidery on pinstripe.

Matsya, gradient dyed velvet digital embroidery.

Peacocks, digital embroidery on silk organza and satin.

Peacock and Cobra, digital embroidery on silk organza and silk satin.

Small Business

Custom Shoe Design

During my placement year, I began a small business on Instagram customising air force one. clients would enquire about their idea and we would discuss their vision from there I would create visualisations, once the customer was happy I began to design shoe by hand painting or stencilling, this would then be packaged and sent to the customers.

To paint these design I would use angelus leather paints and illustrate on to the shoes, the shoes would be coated in varnish for safe keeping. 


For each client, they would get there unique design showcased as a photoshop visualization to ensure me and the client were seeing eye to eye.  

The process

The client would either purchase the shoe online and address them to me or I would be able to source them as well, once I received them the shoes would be prepped painted and varnished. Once the shoes were ready they would receive them through post.  


for these designs which where logos or trademarks I would use stencils and free hand painting to create logos and designs.


For reflective stickers that can be done by scalpel or by cut outs which is pressed onto the shoe with heat. 

Hand painted

Free hand painting is for more detailed art-based designs, usually drawing animations, graphics or portraits.  

Work Experience

During my placement year I wanted to focus on hand and digital embroidery process as well as being within a professional environment.   

  • Suzie Turner Couture Sept – Jan 2021
  • Hawthorne and Heaney Jan – April 2021


  • 2023 Diploma in Professional Studies

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