Amy Raybone

I am a print designer with a passion for storytelling through my graphic approach to design.

Final Project

“When I Grow up, I Want to be a Cowboy”

“Red River Rapids”

A 9 Later registered screen print. Inspired by the movies “The Magnificent Texan” (1967), and “Red River” (1949).

“The West, Where Men Are Men”

A vintage shirt reconstructed using my flocked design, then embellished with over 4000 hand applied Rhinestones.

“Texas Blanket” Jacquard

A double cloth Jacquard blanket inspired by “The Magnificent Texan” (1967).

“Roy and Trigger”

A 3 layer registered screen print.

“Spurs” Waistcoat. A found garment embellished with over 5000 hand applied Rhinestones.

“The West, Where Men Are Men” shirt.



  • 2023 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • 2021 Shortlisted for a live Brief with Milliken

Work Experience

2021 Print Design Intern at Bay & Brown.

2021 Certificate in Advanced Safeguarding, Child Protection and Prevent.

2021-2022 Temporary Teacher of BTEC Fashion and Communication at Blackpool Sixth Form College.

2021-2022 Full time Supply Teacher.

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