Final Project

Wild Wood

Wild Wood is a social enterprise committed to protecting wildlife and educating children aged 8-12 through woodworking kits and workshops.

Wild Wood Pallet Collection Service

Wild Wood provides an easy and affordable pallet collection service to households, businesses, and construction companies. Any wood scraps or broken pallets are processed into paper and card to be used for physical touchpoints such as advertising and packaging. Seeds are also added to this paper so that it can be planted and returned to nature after its use.

Junior Joiners

Wood planks that are salvaged from these pallets are used in ‘wildlife woodworking’ projects where children become Junior Joiners and build their own homes for wildlife. These include birdhouses, hedgehog huts, bat boxes, etc. Children are encouraged to explore nature and forage for materials to decorate their creations. The children can then take their crafts home to their gardens or donate them to Wild Wood Wildlife Havens situated in local parks and green areas.

Journey to the Show

‘Commit to Knit’ looks to fight against homelessness through compassionate crafts, where families can knit and crochet for the homeless. ‘Commit to Knit’ hopes to create a loving and compassionate relationship between communities and the homeless instead of a sense of guilt and shame.

‘Colour Me In’ accompanies the launch of the newly refurbished Young V&A museum and celebrates children’s creativity. Children work in groups to design and build their own art installations, which are displayed around London to act as marketing and wayfinding.

In this project, Hilaire Belloc’s ‘Cautionary Tales for Children’ has been adapted for an adult audience. This book leans into the darker themes of the cautionary tales and is designed to be a collectable with a hand-printed one-of-a-kind dust jacket.

‘Grow a Brighter Future’ attempts to tackle hunger and malnutrition in Malawi by spreading information through a set of 3 posters. These posters encourage rural farmers to organise themselves into cooperatives allowing them to share information, pool money, and signup for promising SMS services for farming tips and reports.

’40 Versions’ is a photo narrative that visualises the lyrics of the song 40 Versions by Wire. This design utilises anaglyphs by having 2 coinciding narratives printed over the top of each other that can only be separated by red or blue transparencies. This photo narrative creates an experience for the reader with the songs audio alongside the uncovering of the story.

‘New Wave’ uses waste materials from vinyl record pressing offcuts and turns them into custom-made turntables. ‘New Wave’ celebrates its customer’s unique music tastes by using their designs as the companies visual identity.

Visionary Thinkers

Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers