Final Project

Grow Together

This project is a celebration of community gardening, highlighting the importance of access to an outside space and connecting with others within your community.  Taking inspiration from current events, such as the recent food shortages and climate change, I have explored community gardens with allotments that teach about growing your own and the idea of becoming more self-sustaining.

I drew visual information from The Culpeper Garden in Islington, an excellent example of a public community garden that brings together all walks of life through the running of inclusive events and classes.

Designed for a community garden party, I have created a commercial lifestyle collection, using bright and vibrant colours to translate the idea of celebration and the coming together of a diverse range of people.

Development & Initial Drawings

This picture shows my initial mood boards, drawing and colour development. I was primarily inspired by how impressionist artist use colour and brushstrokes within their art.

Printing Process

The process of printing The Lines Print, using pigment print pastes and taping off different sections of the screen.

Quilted Jacket Process

The process of creating my quilted jacket, from printing to construction.

The Collection

The Veg Print

A 6 layer pigment print on cotton linen and cotton loomstate.

The Pansy Print

A 3 layer engineered pigment print on a cotton wrap around apron.

The Stripe Print

A multi-layer pigment print on cotton loomstate made into floor cushions.

The Vegetable Bed Scarf

A digital print on a silk wool.

The Pansy and The Allotment Prints

A 3 Layer engineered pigment print apron and a 1 layer engineered print on a cotton work shirt.

The Pond Print

A cotton woven blanket direct dyed and then printed with VAT.

The Garden Print

A 6 layer registered repeat pigment print on natural cotton denim.

The Vegetable bed Planter

A hand painted terracotta planter on a bench made from found pallets and painted with The Stripe Print.

The Allotment Scarf

A digital print on wool silk.


  • 2023 Diploma in Professional Studies
  • 2021 Shortlisted for a live brief with Milliken

Work Experience

During my placement year, I worked at Dunelm ltd as an assistant print designer within the soft furnishing team, Designers Guild and Bottled Blonde as a studio intern and Fusion CPH in Copenhagen as a design intern. Following from my internship at Fusion CPH I continued at the company as a part time freelance print designer alongside my studies.

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