Millie Peacock

An artist and illustrator hailing from the North East, my practice represents an investigation into the landscape of art-comedy through satirical socio-political collage, stop-motion animation and text art. Find out more about me.

Final Project

Stop The Boats

Stop The Boats emerges as an outcome of my artistic investigation into the landscape of art-comedy, satire, parody and caricature, through the mediums of collage and stop-motion animation.

Underpinning my practice is an engagement with humour and iconoclastic imagery and text which I appropriate, manipulate and recontextualise in the composition of my moving-collages.

Defined as “moving-collage” due to an emphasis on the physicality of the paper, my work endeavours to absurdly appear a headline come-to-life, while challenging, indulging and inciting socio-political discourse.

Existing of over 1000 frames, Stop The Boats features 3000 separate individual paper movements and appropriates topical text and images from newspapers published over the last six months.

My influences for this work included Terry Gilliam, William Kentridge, Coldwar Steve and essays from The Artist Joke.

Journey to the Show

Other Works

Political Cartoon

Nude Paintings

Book illustration

For more information about me and my art visit my portfolio:


  • World Illustration Awards Longlisted Artist

Work Experience

I recently undertook a Placement Year in Enterprise. To find out more about me and my experience, please visit the link to my portfolio below: Millie Peacock

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