Millie Falla

Hi, I'm Millie! As a Designer, I strongly believe in the importance of empathy and user-centred design and I strive to create solutions that are accessible to all.

Final Project


PowerUp is a resilient, optimistic and rebalanced gym with a holistic approach to addressing both well-being and energy needs. The project is driven by a profound mission to empower communities in high deprivation areas, facilitating learning and offering people a platform to actively participate in the energy transition.

Creativity & Innovation

The app aims to foster a connection to the natural world and ignite a passion for sustainable living. The PowerUp app is honest and transparent, showing uses the daily revenue, CO2 reduction and more. The gamification aspect allows users to be rewarded for their personal career generation and the leaderboard aims to promote community spirit.

Changing the Story

PowerUp represents a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and engage with energy. It is a testament to the transformative power of community-driven initiatives, where individuals are inspired to take charge of their well-being while actively contributing to a sustainable future.

Inside PowerUp

I researched a potential site which could be retrofitted and then used the building to prototype the internal layout of the gym on SketchUp, making sure it was reflective of the needs of the community it serves.


One of my target personas does not have access to a phone but would like to know their personal career generation and total savings. By logging into the PowerUp website, they can access the key features of the app.

Journey to the Show

Less than 1% of waste plastic bags are recycled with the vast majority ending up in landfill. Roll with It is a company that creates plarn from plastic bags which converts this waste into sustainable, durable and waterproof sleeping mats ideal for any camping activities.

The target audience for Roll with It are eco-conscious explorers. The branding possesses a cool and relaxed vibe but it is also strongly influenced by its surroundings, displaying a mindful and accurate approach.

Designing a sustainable closed-loop product life cycle is essential to minimise waste, conserve resources and promote circularity. I looked at every stage of a plastic bags life and found an opportunity to design for long term change.


  • Shortlisted for RSA Student Design Awards 2023

Work Experience

I have two years of experience as a part-time Junior Graphic Designer at EPM Agency in Poole, Bournemouth. I take on a diverse range of digital projects that involve strategic thinking and effective communication, I have gained invaluable transferable skills that continue to benefit me in my work.

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