Mantas Eitkevicius

I am passionate about pushing boundaries and experimenting through unique methods within the digital world.

Final Project

The Witcher: Potions of Power

‘Potions of Power’ is a celebration of the Witcher franchise, and a celebration of the fans. The goal has been to bring a dark and gritty fictional fantasy to reality through a series of bottle designs combined with an experience. The image displayed shows one of the fictional monsters enclosed inside a bottle of vodka.

The Designs

The unforgiving and sinister elements have been carefully translated in the form of grungy bottles and destroyed labels as souvenirs to take home.

The Cat Potion

Is a depiction of the Potion from the fiction of which enhances the ability to see in the dark. Attention to detail has been a critical part in the making of the illustration in order to stay true to the world.

Black Blood Potion

Is the fictional potion that turns blood toxic. This series aims to advertise for the experience and product without revealing too much information, but informative enough to enable speculation.

The Invitation

Is an animation that informs the viewer of the event and ties all the outcomes together.

Narrated by a professional voice actor, the short story is about a villager requesting the aid of a Witcher to help with a monster that has come about to London because of the war.

The Quest

Is an interactive experience that that takes place in central London, allowing fans to become the protagonist and solve the mystery as they follow clues through London, crafting their “potions”.

The flags represent two of the largest opposing forces clashing for supremacy in London. But the war has brought about an unwanted monster. The quest is for the attendee to investigate and ‘slay the beast’.

Spotify Running

This is a 30 second animation to promote the revival of the Spotify running feature, encouraging users to run at their own pace as the music matches their cadence.

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