Final Project


As part of a Design & Art Direction brief, my colleague and I designed a campaign to promote the mobile network company, Giffgaff, becoming a B-corporation (a certification awarded to companies that follow high levels of social and environmental standards).

Animated GIFs for Instagram Stories
Out of home activation: Poster series

What did we create?

We created a series of animated GIFs to post as Instagram stories with a friendly voiceover and exciting out-of-home activations. We wanted to communicate, what B-corporations are and how Giffgaff are operating to become B-corp certified.

Who, where and when?

The campaign is targeted towards young (Gen Z and millennials) Giffgaff members, who interact with the brand. The campaign is to be featured on the Giffgaff Instagram and urban environments, e.g. city centres and public transport stations.

It will launch on 22nd April 2024 to celebrate Earth Day to communicate that Giffgaff cares about people, communities and the planet!

Out of home activation: Animated 3D digital billboard
Mock-up of posters
Mock-up of posters

Other Work

‘Turtle Island’ Picture Book

I created rough illustrations for a children’s book about a Native American myth called ‘Turtle Island’.

Illustration showing Sky World.

Illustration showing Sky Woman falling from Sky World and the birds catching her.

Illustration showing water animals trying to find mud, but only the muskrat is successful.

‘Coolture!’ Educational Leaflet

I designed an illustrative leaflet to educate primary school children on racism, particularly in the form of microaggressions.

Title page. “Coolture” is a play on words to communicate the idea that culture is cool.

Prototype of leaflet. By lifting the tab at the top, the user will be able to reveal the forms of microaggressions each ethnic character faces.

An illustration to show ‘hair touching’ – a form of microaggression that many ethnic people face.


  • Honorable mention in Pixchange’s sticker design competition

Work Experience

  • Digital Marketing Internship in Seville, Spain
    • Created promotional materials and social media content for the wine shop ‘Lama La Uva’ and assisted in creating a marketing strategy for its future progression.
  • Visual Content Creation Internship for Wenta
    • Designed promotional posters and social media content for the business consulting company, Wenta. My designs were used to promote various projects, such as a net zero campaign and advertising office space.

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