India Wadsworth

I am an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Photographer, with a love of storytelling and an interest in playing with how the audience interacts with my designs.

Final Projects


A team project where I worked with Charlotte Whiting and Tara Brown, to create the story and trailer of a video game aiming to encourage action on the climate crisis. Amnestia follows Rora, a girl who’s lost her memories, as she explores a dying alien world, helping where she can.

Losing Touch

A graphic novel following the story of two girls, Roisin and Iris, exploring the idea of being made through the interests people share with you, and what happens when you lose contact with someone who meant so much to you, as your lives diverge.

Written in the Stars

A zine telling some of the many myths and legends the stars hold while also being a celebration of the love, encouraging watching the stars above with a loved one; through photography, typography, and illustration.

Losing Touch

Lost in the corridors of big school in search for their first lesson, friendship begins between two unexpected girls; quiet Roisin and hot-headed Iris.

Amnestia Trailer

Crashed on a planet, with no memory of who she is, Rora must explore Gailleus with the only lead she has: a strange symbol with an unknown meaning. Join her adventure, as she talks to the villagers, interacts with the local wildlife, and finds the answers she yearns for. But what happens when the answers aren’t what she expects?

Work In Progress

From the beginning sketches to the creation of design assets, this is snapshot of how my work came to be.

Environmental sketch design, exploring how our creatures would interact with the alien bog biome in Amnestia.

Creating characters for me begins with their room, as shown here. This is Iris’s room which she shares with her twin brother Oli in Losing Touch.

Star and related assets I created to add to the Written in the Stars zine on Illustrator, to compliment my photographs.

Creature assets, a combination of my designs and those designed by my group mates, all rendered by me for our game’s trailer.

The process of lining and colouring the centre spread of the story Losing Touch, showing their growing friendship and what they shared with one another.

Unedited photograph of the constellation Cassiopeia, an important character in one of the stories included in Written in the Stars.

Journey to the Show

A taste of my other work, from illustration to graphic design. View each project in more depth on my website, linked above.

Photograph from Unsplash with my wedding designs

Work Experience

I have studied graphic design for the past seven years, from GCSE, and worked in several different areas within the design field, including being a commissioned photographer, logo designer and an out-of-house designer for Cobblebox, a design agency in Shaftesbury; where I completed both digital and print projects

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