Josh Villarosa

My passion lies within illustration and animation, as an avid watcher of cartoons as a child this has greatly influenced by visual language. Expect bold colours and elements of pop art throughout my work.

Krufi: Cruelty-Free Tattoo Ink

Krufi is a vegan, cruelty-free tattoo ink, designed to offer an ethical alternative for tattoo artists and their clients. This product does not include any animal-derived components or engage in animal testing, distinguishing it as a conscientious choice in the tattoo industry.

One notable feature of Krufi is its commitment to sustaining indigenous tattoo practices. Accordingly, 20% of the profits are channeled to support indigenous tribes maintaining these traditional tattoo methods.

The design of Krufi takes inspiration from both contemporary tribal and traditional tattoo designs. This fusion aims to connect these enduring art styles with today’s ethical, vegan values.

In essence, Krufi stands as a forward-thinking response to tattooing that respects history and prioritises ethics, offering a viable choice in the ever-expanding market for vegan and cruelty-free products.

Wander Beyond Brewing Promotional Video

This video was created to promote the beer brand “Wander Beyond Brewing”, I animated this to fit their brand identity, being adventure and outdoor-based, it has a comical element to it utilising their “Hops” mascots.

Cautionary Tales For Chidren

This illustration was made as a part of a collaborative project to create an illustrated version of the “Cautionary Tales For Children”, this is a girl who lied so much that her apartment caught on fire, I had a lot of fun designing this.

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