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Final Project

Meet hush

Hush is the perfect solution for young adolescents who suffer from noise sensitivity conditions such as hyperacusis, misophonia, hypersensitivity to noise in autism, ADHD and more. Children are often more sensitive to loud noises than adults. It often gets better as they get older. It is recommended that people who suffer from noise sensitivity must not isolate their hearing completely as this can impede the symptoms. Hush provides up to 35dB noise cancellation and a cycle of white noises in both components, the two products work in tandem with one another for comfort and longevity. It is both colourful and fun, making it the perfect choice for children who need a little extra comfort and security. Its modular design allows for easy customisation and optimal comfort, with noise cancellation between earbuds or headset ensuring a snug and secure fit.

About hush

The headphone/earbud hybrid is designed to offer a satisfying blend of comfort and functionality. The earbuds effortlessly slot into and charge in the headphone set and are securely held in place by a magnetic connection. With its advanced noise-cancelling technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and integrated communication chip, this innovative device not only blocks out unwanted noise, but also facilitates seamless interaction between the user and their guardians when attention is needed.

Helping children hear the world through their ears

The technology does not rely on Bluetooth connectivity and can provide the same satisfactory noise cancellation by adding a selection of white noises and nature sounds to soothe the user when they are overwhelmed from their heightened sensitivity to sounds. Hush is an essential tool for children with noise sensitivity, allowing them to enjoy their favourite media in a safe and calming way, whilst maintaining avoidance to unwanted sounds.


Through iterative prototyping, I began to develop the form with comfort and sizing in mind. Developing the overall structure of the prototypes, helped ensure aesthetics, ergonomics, usability, and functionality align with the intended design goals.

Live Project

UTI at-home testing kits could save 10 million GP appointments each year. Wi provides efficient testing for people who are concerned about the status of their bladder. Wi can be accessed from the comfort of their home to test, receive feedback and visit the pharmacy for medication with their results without having to go through a GP consultation, prolonging the pain.

The user can access the efficient testing kit at home and monitor the status of their bladder by using Wi in their bathroom and taking a urine sample using their hygienic urine taking pot. Once the user has taken their urine sample, they slot the sample into the testing container to retrieve their results which are sent via the app. Once the user has retrieved the results, it is sent to the GP to verify their prescription.


  • Diploma of Professional Studies (DPS)

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