Eunjin Jung

I have consistently pursued logical and innovative designs that enhance user experience and interaction. This clear objective instills me with a sense of confidence in my design work.

Final Project

Food waste bin

My final year project is to improve the food waste behaviours of UK university students in their accommodation. With climate change in mind, encouraging food waste separation is increasingly important. Inspired by the shape of a pineapple, the bin’s unique form appeals to the target user. It features double lids to prevent odours, a push latch mechanism to reduce contact, and bin liner storage to simplify the user’s task. An integrated UX application tracks student actions to manage their food waste behaviour.

Exploded view

The food waste bin features a push latch mechanism on the lid, enabling users to open it with a simple push. With snap-fit joints, both lids open simultaneously, ensuring convenient access while effectively preventing odours.

Equipped with a removable bucket, the bin allows for effortless installation of bin liners and easy cleaning of the surface.

At the bottom of the bin, a weight sensor measures the volume of collected food waste. This information is sent to a corresponding mobile app, which sends reminders to users, prompting them to empty the bin as needed.

Additionally, the bin includes convenient bin liner roll storage at the back, enhancing user experience and interaction by providing easy access to new liners.

Mobile app

The mobile app helps students to facilitate efficient management of their food waste bin. Through notifications, the app reminds users to empty the bin at the appropriate time, utilising data collected by the integrated weight sensor.

In order to motivate and engage students, the app offers a rewards system where they can earn points by successfully completing designated missions. These accumulated points can then be exchanged for a variety of prizes, such as union discount coupons.

This approach aims to inspire responsible food waste practices while providing tangible benefits to users.

Untact pizza sharing

“Untact pizza sharing” is the package design of the pizza box, which is adjusted to a new normal where hygiene is considered the most.

Featuring a tear strip mechanism, it enables contact-free retrieval of individual pizza slices.

This project was submitted to Starpack student awards and Worldstar packaging organisation student awards and had successful results.

This is the prototype of the pizza box that is made with corrugated board. This image represents the lid, tray, pizza saver, and a torn lid for serving pizza slices from the top left to the bottom right.


  • Highly Commended Award – Starpack students, IOM3
  • Certificate of Recognition – Worldstar Packaging Organization Student Awards


  • Associate – CSWA Exam Solidworks
  • Institution of Engineering Designers

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