Final Project


Feline Activity Echoed.

Fae is a cat health monitoring system comprised of three products, a smart feeder, smart collar and app. The feeder and collar each track their own respective health vitals and send this data to the app which displays this information to the user, allowing them to inform their decision making in regards to their pet care.

How it works

The collar tracks; heart rate, rest, exercise and location using sensors such as an altimeter, 3D accelerometer and gyroscope among others. The feeder tracks food consumption and wastage via an onboard camera with image recognition. The app also takes full advantage of the tech within these products and provides the user with additional features and functionality e.g. utilisation of the collars “alert LEDS” allowing the user to schedule them, at a set time, to function as night lights to keep their cat visible and safe.

The app

The app was designed to provide the user with a powerful and functional way to manage their products, the experience was designed to be calm, transparent, informative and personal. The visualisation of elements takes a minimal approach with thoughtful details like using the cats name when providing notification updates, or laying out information in a way that the user doesn’t panic, by focusing too greatly on every incremental change in their cats status.


The products assembly was informed by prototyping with scale models, with a focus on interactable elements, and realised with thorough CAD development.


CMF and detailing was used to elevate and link the minimal design forms for the physical products. In the collar we see stitching in an orange accent colour to match the feeder, these stitches are laid out in increments to give the user a reference point to what level they have set the strap length to.

Some Highlights

Yarn-like pattern for the desiccant storage and small laser pointer that is powered when the flap is closed, measuring food level and acting as a sensor to indicate to the user if the cat has tried to open the flap.

Top profile of the collar, materials are used to break up the form of the different components, indicating the different levels and functions of the product, matching the design language of the feeder.

Underside of the feeder showing the vents needed to clear the heat generated by the power supply and also, from this angle, we see the status LED reflecting off of the textured surface of the food storage .

Journey to the Show

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