Georgia Seymour

Studying design empowers me to explore creativity through hands-on approaches to create functioning prototypes. Growing up internationally taught me to adapt well and embrace diverse perspectives, which I often apply in my design process.

Final Project


Currently, concussion is one of the most reported injuries in rugby and the incidence rate continues to increase with each new season. To prioritise player safety, I have developed a rugby scrumcap that offers advanced protection and diagnostic features.

The padding within the scrumcap is made of 3D printed TPU gyroid structures, specifically engineered to optimise its impact absorption capabilities.

With integrated sensors including FSRs, accelerometer, and gyroscope, it detects potential concussions and immediately flashes up to alert onlookers. Simultaneously, it records detailed impact data, which can be accessed by the coach using the integrated NFC tag.

Other Projects:

Bean There, Drank That

Together, our team constructed an automated AeroPress coffee maker as part of the ‘Applications of Mechanics and Electronics for Design’ module. Our machine utilised weight detection to identify the user’s mug and determine their preferred coffee type. To achieve this, we incorporated a coffee grounds dispenser, water and milk pumps, as well as mechanised spinning and plunging functionalities.

I worked extensively on the electronics aspect, gaining valuable experience in integrating a diverse range of components into a functional prototype. This hands-on experience deepened my understanding of circuit design, sensor integration, and programming, expanding my skills in developing electronic systems.


In our ‘User Experience Design’ module, our group developed an app that enhances the experience of domestic energy reduction. Specifically, we targeted single graduates who have recently entered their careers, possess disposable income, and are moving into independent living spaces such as apartment complexes. Our goal was to assist them in making informed purchasing decisions and optimising the usage of new appliances,

My design centered on developing a workflow that allowed users to track their energy consumption. This feature was instrumental in helping them gain a comprehensive understanding of their overall energy usage and costs, enabling them to draw connections between their behaviours and energy-related expenses.

Placement Year

Six month study exchange at TU Delft in the Netherlands to do the Designing Sustainable Transitions minor at Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) Faculty.

Six month placement at Exxentric AB in Stockholm, Sweden as the Research & Development (R&D) Design intern.

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