Charlotte Dibble

Focusing on illustrative expression, colour and print to visually communicate, I enjoy creating interactive aspects such as books, posters and physical prototypes. In particular I cherish producing children books, creating whimsical characters and environments that echo childlike fantasy.

Final Project

Head to Head

Duo Project with Chloe Landymore

A campaign with YouTube and Action Against Hunger to raise awareness for food poverty. Featuring a mystery competition directed at renowned Family YouTubers who will be entering themselves into a week’s worth of family oriented challenges. After the influencers have competed 6 food related challenges, the final envelope will be delivered on the 28th May, World hunger day. The reveal will be live streamed by each family, outlining all their spending that week alongside hard hitting facts to do with hunger. Raising awareness and prompting donation where possible.

In recent years, many individuals are earning a living through the online platform YouTube. This Action Campaign is aimed at the “Family Vlogger”, who are content creators documenting their day-to-day family lives. These families demonstrate how extreme content creation can go, and the amount of wealth and influence which comes with the title. Each having an incredibly inconsiderate outlook on life, there is no regard to people living in food insecurities and poverty.  Posting videos such as “Who can gain the most weight in 24 hours” and the “12,000 Calorie Challenge”. With these gaining 500,000 – 16 million views, they are also educating their viewers on this unrealistic, pretentious lifestyle. 

To raise awareness and shock this audience into the errors in their ways, YouTube is hosting a mystery competition featuring these famous Family YouTubers going ‘Head to Head’ in various family orientated challenges. They will be entering themselves into a week’s worth of structured tasks, posting daily content appealing to their large collective following. Unknown to them, this contest is supported by the organisation Action Against Hunger, a charity devoted to raising awareness of, and eliminating world hunger. Each specific challenge involves an area of food poverty, and in completion will highlight the senselessness of the extremes these families go for the sake of internet fame and wealth. 

After these challenges are finished, the true nature of the campaign is revealed to the influencers. Highlighting their food privileges and their apathetic attitude towards food, with no consideration to people worldwide unable to feed their families daily. This shocking reveal will be live streamed across multiple platforms, their spending will be outlined that week, alongside hard-hitting facts to do with hunger. This broadcast will coincide with World Hunger Day, raising awareness and prompting donation where possible. By targeting these families to take on the Head to Head challenges, they will be creating content which will directly influence their collective audience of over 33 million followers. They will be unknowingly exposing themselves to their incautious fame hungry behaviour.

Children’s First Day at School Book

This Final Year project addresses an issue arising from children starting primary school, in particular the stress and anxiety associated from this new environment. Throughout my research into this problem, I discovered that the parents themselves also panic at the reality of their child starting school. Worrying about aspects such as loneliness, bullying, making friends, home sickness, and their child not enjoying it or getting upset.

This double page spread is filled with illustrations of different aspects experienced when starting school for the first time. Using animal characters as a tool to visualise several activities, and multiple moods. In relation to the parental audience, there are also ‘parent animals’ present on the page, similarly showing a variety of reactions to their child starting school. This can be used as a coping mechanism for both the parent and the child, as they navigate and discuss this illustration together.

Out of the Box – Experiential Design

A second year University brief, creating an ‘experience’ within a place that is local to me. The ‘space’ could be an empty building/a window/a retail space/a public outdoor area like a park/an expanse of wall or hoarding/an empty plot of land etc. Anywhere that would benefit from rejuvenation or present an opportunity for the public to engage with, and experience the work.

Speaking as a Creative Arts student at Loughborough University, it is a common frustration that working spaces such as studios are constantly being occupied. After interviewing other creative art students, this was a strong reoccurring theme throughout Drama, Fine Art and Textiles. Areas that are designated for students as study spaces such as the Pilkington Library, lack the facilities needed for Creative students to work to maximum potential. Such as large desks, cutting mats, rehearsal space and iMacs. 

To solve these issues, I’ve created the student hub “Out of the Box”. True to its name, this space is to encourage radical thinking, and trying new skills for the first time. Not only will it provide fun activities for students during its opening day Arts and Crafts fair, but the space is also available as an open workspace. Weekly workshops are also in place, rotating between speakers aimed at all Creative Arts disciplines. Run by Loughborough University, this is to encourage students to try areas of the arts which are not academically based and will not be marked. It is purely for the relaxation and enjoyment of students who love all things Arts and Crafts. 

By having a space off campus, it also inspires students living in town to get out of their houses and use this facility. This will consequently affect their mental health, as well as work ethic. When you sit in the same 4 walls for too long, your mind daydreams and effectively affects your work negatively. This can also cause a decline in your mood, as the space you are working in becomes mind-numbing and disheartening. By having this fresh new space so close by, students will have easy access rather than having to walk to campus.  

The effects of this hub would be incredibly positive, encouraging more isolated students to work in a collaborative space. By having more students going into town for activities such as this, consequently it will bring in revenue for local businesses. I’ve designed this space to be spacious, but its capacity is smaller than other learning spaces. I believe by having a smaller group of students listening to presentation, will cause more discussions to arise which will generate constructive benefits. 


  • 2018-2019 – Foundation Course in Art and Design at Loughborough University.
    Award received: Merit. Received by Loughborough University Creative Arts Department.

Work Experience

12 Month Placement at a Design Studio in Liverpool

Commissioned Work – TripleTex Face Masks & Yoga with Grace

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