Macie Bisicker-Peacock

I am a Graphic Design graduate who is focused on creating exciting, original and innovative designs. I invite colour and fun to my designs to ensure they have an impact on the audience.

Final Project

Claire’s Rebrand

This project portrays the rebrand of Claire’s accessories, a high-street tired brand. The rebrand focuses on making Claire’s attractive for young teenagers and bringing it back to life through bright colours and Y2K inspired imagery.

Activating the Rebrand

Swap and Mend is a campaign that activates the Claire’s rebrand. Using social media to reach audiences and to ensure Claire’s stays current in the eye of the public. Persuading the audience to participate even when they don’t expect it, daily pop-up posts, instagram stories…

Swap and Mend

Swap and Mend focuses on current trends and uses thrifting and sustainability as a motivation for Gen-Z teenagers to engage with and shop at Claire’s.

Swap – got jewellery that you don’t wear anymore? Accessories that are no longer your style? Don’t leave it lying around collecting dust, SWAP it with Claire’s. Find a Claire’s location and trade your used accessories for items that catch your eye out of the many Claire’s has to offer. 

Mend – Don’t throw away your accessories just because they are broken, embrace their flaws and bring them in to be mended at Claire’s. Offering a new impeccable mending service, you don’t leave our stores without your items in the best condition ready to be worn all over again. 

Influencer Interaction

Due to teenagers being easily influenced, using influencer interaction to promote the use of recyclable and sustainable materials throughout the packaging portrays the change the Rebrand has had on Claire’s. It also highlights the transformation in regards to plastic use and eco-friendly shopping.


Updating the website and uploading information regarding the campaign. Allowing the audience to understand what the campaign is, how they can take part and what differences they can make. Extra persuasion to take part and shop at Claire’s! ‘JOIN THE TAKEOVER’

Other Work

Gymshark Brief

‘Out of your head‘ is
a Gymshark campaign that promotes the brand as a non-judgemental community. The intention of the campaign is to prove that when you focus on yourself and not how you look, you can reach new and exciting fitness goals.

The campaign encourages young people to readily engage in new gym environments without fear and feel confidentin themselves. Energetic and colourful photography is employed to make the campaign engaging, and to motivate the audience to join the Gymshark family.

Using social media to target the 18-21 year old target audience and to keep them engaged throughout the development of the campaign.

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