Luke Sheppard

Fine-artist illustrator local to loughborough looking to transition into the tattoo industry via a studio apprenticeship. My work has been focusing around the development of a unique style and visual language that can become recognisable in a freelance industry.

Tattoo Visual Language Explorations

Yoruba Sphere II

The second of four ‘Yoruba sphere’ outputs outlining an exploration of cross-cultural body modification and multi-cultural visual language. Based on the scarification markings popularised within Africa and documented within ‘Marks of Civilisation’ by Arnold Rubin

Arabic Geometric Tiling Mosaic

Further exploration of cross-cultural visual language through handmade Arabic geometrics.

Hand-drawn Arabesque

Made from compass, pencil, and finished in penwork stippling prior to further digital manipulation, this design draws inspiration from traditional geometric forms as the basis for an arm-based tattoo design.

Arabic Glitch

intending to create chaos from order, this work was an experimental photo manipulation of a six-fold Arabic geometric tiling.

Big Book Illustration

Big Book double page spreads

Part of group illustration work. Year Two. Above is the opening double-page spread for the poem ‘Jim’ from Hillaire Belloc’s book ‘Cautionary Tales for Children’. Below, is the double-page spread for the final poem, ‘Charles Augustus.’

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