Final Project

Pallo – Helping monitor your testicular health at home

Testicular cancer is currently the most common malignant cancer for men between the ages of 20 and 40. There’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the topic and checking yourself, Pallo is here to help with that. Pallo maps out the user’s scrotum and detects any abnormalities which could be dangerous.

Go nuts

Everyone’s testicles are different – and so are their hands. That’s why Pallo is designed to fit comfortably into your hand no matter how you decide to hold it.

There when you need it

Pallo starts charging as soon as you place it in the case. It turns on at the press of a button, streamlining the process and removing any hurdles that might put you off doing your monthly check.

Grab life by the balls

Testicular cancer and testicular health are sensitive topics, so advertising and branding need to strike the right note. Pallo aims to take a lighthearted and fresh approach to engage with the target audience.

Taking care of your package

Similar to other men’s grooming products Pallo comes in a paper pulp tray with a corrugated card mailing box as the external packaging. Both are recyclable, so it’s far better for the environment than any alternative.

Behind Pallo

Throughout the project, various stages of ideation explored different approaches to tackling the issue of monitoring testicular health. Prototyping was carried out over the duration of development to ensure that the design decisions were well supported and justified.

Having a passion for branding, I spent a lot of time working on and developing the brand, logo, wordmark, brand principles, marketing resources, packaging, and more.

Kl’ck – Final year live project

Kl’ck is a device designed to discourage impulse purchases. It causes behavioural friction when the user gets to the checkout in an attempt to delay the dopamine hit associated with making a purchase.

The user simply squeezes the end of the handheld device in order to confirm the purchase. Every time the user makes a purchase, they need to squeeze the device for a different amount of time. This helps stop habits forming and gives the user time to reflect.

Kl’ck’s companion app allows users to set budgets and weekly limits for all cards. The app also allows the user to see previous transactions – and how much money has been saved by resisting impulse purchases.


  • Student StarPack 2020 highly commended award winner, presented by Klöckner Pentaplast
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Path – 3D intern
Sep 2021 – Jul 2022 (10 month)
While working as a 3D intern at Path, I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of packaging for big-name clients as part of a tightly knit team. These projects helped me develop skills, including rapid ideation and prototyping, branding, considerations for manufacturing, liaising with clients, and more

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