Harry James

Hi! I'm a curious, enthustiastic and thorough designer, always looking for how to improve the world around me. My experience so far has given me particular interest in design for manufacture, human factors and sustainability, for PPE and home appliances.

Final Project


The Sustainable Alternative to Disposable Face Masks

Specifically designed for the Chinese market, Liútōng is a more breathable, comfortable and sustainable face mask compared to disposable face masks.

Super Breathable

Pleated filter material and an exhale valve make breathing in Liútōng a breeze.

Perfect for Glasses

The adjustable EVA ear loops and face seal mean Liútōng nevers pulls off or steams up glasses.

Designed for Asian Faces

Testing of 3D printed iterations of the face seal with Asian students ensured a perfect facial fit.

Optimised for Manufacture

Silicone casting guaranteed that even the most complex geometries could be injection moulded or overmoulded for mass manufacture.

Totally Circular

The sourcing and end of life of every component has been considered to ensure nothing ends up in landfill.

Other Projects

Sky Unite

Using the power of football to amplify old and new connections through a thrilling, immersive match day experience from the comfort of the living room. Shortlisted for the RSA Student Design Awards 2023 Brief 5 – Amplify Connections.


A portable temperature control cannula to help mountain rescue teams rapidly and safely rewarm patients with severe hypothermia.

Kenwood Inspire, a modern and minimalist food processor, sat on a countertop in a kitchen

Kenwood Inspire

Modernising the aesthetic of Kenwood’s food processor to be a centrepiece in a modern open plan living space.


A misting shower that reduces the monetary, energy and water costs of showering by 83% for a net zero carbon UK economy.

Picture of an automatic chicken door on a chicken coop with a chicken entering


A smart automatic chicken coop door that uses AI to detect foxes. Sightings are recorded, reported and humane deterrents employed.

Work Experience

Avon Protection

Student Design Engineer, July 2021 – July 2022

Working on multiple projects in the product
development team relating to military CBRN
protection. Quantitative and qualitative testing of gas masks, filtering technology and CBRN boots and gloves to British Standards. Working with in house manufacturing to determine feasibility and develop quality control equipment. Using 3D printing to develop silicone injection moulds.


  • Shortlisted for RSA Student Design Awards 2023 (Sky Unite for Brief 5 – Amplify Connections)
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

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