Lucy Molson

My practice subverts binaries of sexual embrace and femininity, explored through a multidisciplinary everyday life installation. I have curated a living room scenario, exhibiting a sexual dystopia, that fools the viewer.

Final Project

Behind closed doors

Erotic watercolour paintings blur the boundaries between sex and commodity complimenting the sexual obscurities. These obscurities sit between the familiar and unfamiliar, taking recognisable elements such as food, furniture, windows and reconfiguring them. These undefined objects transform erotic acts to puppy play, and innocent acts to polymorphous sexual fetishes.

Hot dog

The push-pull between the animate and inanimate allows the spectator to picture their own fictitious scene, acting as a catalyst for seeing beyond the obvious. My work embodies different desires creating a space for multiple conversations.

Sweet but Sexual

The triangulation of artist intent, spectators’ reception, and the curated space, helps encourage us to consume femininity differently.

Other work

Commission pieces:

Media: Watercolour

A3- £30, A4- £25, A5- £20

Career goal: Art and Design secondary/ sixth form teacher.

I specialise in animal paintings, perfect for gifts.

I recently ventured into painting vehicles and household objects.

Work Experience

  • Teaching assistant role in Drama, Dance and Art and Design
  • Selling my own work
  • 5 years as a kitchen assistant

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