Dhruv Patel

Hey, I'm Dhruv ~ I'm a motivated industrial designer wanting to create products & experiences that will better the planet & people + an advanced hobbyist in FDM 3D printing.

Final Project


Nimee produces fresh milk at home, when you want it, how you want it. It allows you to make the exact volume of milk you need, with whatever levels of proteins, fats, sugars or vitamins & minerals you require for any need.

Render of the product. Nimee on the kitchen countertop.
Process shot. Prototypes, sketches, card models, technical ideation spread across a table.

How does Nimee work?

Nimee works by mixing animal-free whey & casein proteins with oils, sugars, vitamins, minerals & water in a blending process. These proteins come from a lab grown process known as precision fermentation, this allows the milk that is produced to be genetically identical to that of cows milk.

Design For 3D Printing Project

Desktop FDM 3D printers are often used primarily for prototyping needs, but they are great for producing final parts too. In this project I designed front & rear bicycle mounts for Cateye Omni lights. They fit on to standard 25.4mm diameter tubing & have adjustable light angle positions. Designed to print fast, use as little material as possible, require no supports or post processing & only cost a total of £5.07 to manufacture a full set (both front & rear mounts + parts – w/o Cateye lights).

For the main mounting bodies, I explored how to make use of the vase mode slicer setting more functionally. As well as exploring the use of TPU to provide more grip for the clip to mount on to the tubing.

Image of the final 3D printed front & rear mount designs.
Live Project hero shot

Live Project Week

I was thrilled to be awarded 3rd place by Cambridge Consultants on their Live Project brief.

“How might we help people build a better relationship with personal finance?”

Across the week I explored the idea of making contactless payments more tactile so that users would feel the significance of money being spent. The users would feel a vibration that would be proportional to the money they are spending, as well as having to physically slide forward a section of the device that would provide a bit of tactile resistance & a click/chime once complete.

Live Project scenario & use.

Additionally, in order to be more conscious of spending, an always on e-ink display presents the limit set by the user (either daily, weekly or monthly limit) and the current amount spent as a slider graphic. This way every time they pay they inadvertently check their spending, better connecting the user to their contactless habits.

Placement Experience

PDD | Product Design Engineering Consultancy

Technical Design Intern

July 2021 ~ July 2022

Project involvement included portable drug delivery device, portable blood treatment system, autoinjector, hospital communication system, windshield resin capsules, bedside pump management systems.

Skills developed in CAD, engineering drawings, POP models, testing, sketching, marketing, arduino, ideation, brainstorms, research, client & supplier liaison, tolerance analysis, DFA, DFM, sourcing
& fire alarm testing.

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