Final Project


A More Sustainable Dry Powder Inhaler with Active Propulsion Assistance.

Inspirair is a dry powder inhaler platform that combats the single use nature of existing products. A refillable system; sustainable material choices; and modular construction gives patients a greener medication choice. Designed for longevity, customisable elements and patient monitoring systems enhance personalisation of care. Active propulsion assistance is also provided. This gives more severe asthma sufferers, who would otherwise be unable to use dry powder medicine, access to it.

Active Dose Propulsion

Iterative application of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) techniques informed the development of inhalation channel geometry and propulsion mechanisms. The device generates turbulent flow to aerosolise medication. Active propulsion makes this process independent from the user’s inspiratory flow capabilities, allowing patients who would not typically be able to breath in forcefully enough for dry powder devices to use them.

Sustainable Choices

In response to the single use nature of existing products, the device makes use of sustainable material choices. Designed with recycling in mind, materials can be easily separated and identified. A re-loadable cartridge system and enhanced functionality ensures the product has a long use life and can deliver medication over a longer period of time than current products.

Designed for Disassembly

A range of sub assembly groupings, fixing methods and arrangements were explored. The resulting outcome is a product that can be quickly disassembled by users and with ease. This allows for end of life separation of materials, component recovery and device maintenance.

Iterative Development

Extensive prototyping; interaction with industry experts and testing have led to an outcome that has undergone many design iterations. The final outcome is based on findings from this process, ensuring that it satisfies user ergonomic needs and functional requirements.

Functional Testing

Rapid SLA prototyping was used to produce a 1:1 scale functional prototype of the device, allowing for high detailed replication of intended DFM features. This was tested with a vacuum test rig under lab conditions to explore airflow performance and requirements.

R ‘Brew’ – D2

My aeroporess coffee machine concept design (R Brew-D2) delivers a novel and entertaining coffee making experience. Users are taken on a unique coffee making journey through a variety of interactive features. The concept was chosen as the basis for development during the group stage of the module.

Manufactured Artefact

The design was developed during the group stage of the project, integrating some features of other group member’s concepts. My primary responsibility in the team was for the mechanical design and production of the revised concept. A high fidelity fully functional artefact of the machine was produced, integrating electronic and mechanical elements.

EV Charger

Based on a brief set by FSW design, I developed a concept for a roadside EV charger that is sensitive to the urban environment. Influenced by bio-mimicry architectural styles, in particular the work of Zaha Hadid, the charger takes a unique form. With a focus on manufacturing feasibility, production process limitations were explored to ensure the concept could be feasibly developed. Individual plant pods allow residents to customise and plant their local chargers, diversifying urban settings and promoting green space in cities.

End of Arm Robot Tooling

During my placement year as a design engineer at Rutland Plastics, I was given the responsibility to design end of arm robot tooling and production jigs & fixtures. The images below show examples of end of arm robot tooling I designed and produced during my time with the company. Produced using a Stratasys 380mc FDM printer, the tooling was manufactured from Carbon filled Nylon filament. Designs were optimised to ensure they were light weight but still deliver the functional requirements of production cells.


2021 Design School Prize for Academic Excellence (Achieved the highest second year grade on the BSc Product Design & Technology Programme)

2023 Live Projects Prize Winner (Awarded joint 3rd place by FSW Design)

Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

July 21 – Sept 22: Rutland Plastics (Placement Design Engineer)

Rutland Plastics are a specialist trade injection moulding company based in Oakham who work across a wide range of sectors. Working within the design team, I had the opportunity to develop production jigs, fixtures and tooling for a range of products. Taking an active role in commercial aspects of projects, I engaged with clients to give them design for manufacture advice and suggestions. I was also responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of the in house Stratasys 380mc FDM 3D printer. The varied nature of the role and wide range of projects I worked on significantly developed my design for manufacture knowledge – this has been very useful throughout my final year. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the company and I am very grateful for the fantastic opportunities given to me by the design team.

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