Final Project


A ski servicing device, designed for professional skiers and casual enthusiasts, this device will help maintain skis in top condition and extend their lifespan. This device features two arms that sharpen the edges at 90°, so they cut through the snow. The built-in sanding belt flattens the base, removing any scratches and oxidisation, so your skis perform at their best every time. It has an advanced pressure sensor system that ensures an even and flat base throughout.

Ski servicing products on the market are either huge machines that cost tens of thousands and need special training or small hand held manual devices. The SKÜ is there to give ski enthusiasts the same service quality as the large machines but at an easier and in a more understandable way.


A project to design an automated system that produces a cup of coffee with an aeropress coffee maker. The R-BREW-D2 is our answer to this brief, it works by dropping coffee from a selection of four different coffees (found in R-BREWs head) and pumping water from a tank in the base into the aeropress. After letting it brew for a couple minutes it plunges the coffee into a cup underneath. Once the cup has been removed R-BREW unscrews the aeropress cap and lowers it so the user can clean and replace with a new filter with ease. The cap then screws back on ready for a new cup.

Design week: DCA Proposal

During design week, the brief was to help brands tailor a new product to the cost of living crisis in the UK. The focus of my project was to address the soaring electricity prices, which were over three times higher than gas prices. With this goal in mind, I developed an innovative cooking solution that prioritises affordability.

Le Creuset

This is a Le Creuset Hob Air Cooker, a cost-effective solution designed to revolutionise the cooking experience. By using the gas hob instead of electricity, this appliance allows you to prepare meals in a much more affordable manner. Le Creuset’s iconic craftsmanship ensures that this air cooker seamlessly fits into any kitchen setup.

Journey to the Show

An internal view of the product.

Pressure sensor system testing.

Pressure sensor system: using LEDs and force sensitive resistors the user is warned if they are applying too much force or leaning too far when flattening their ski.


Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

K2 Sports Europe (Penzberg, Germany) – 2021

Schneid (Lübeck, Germany)- 2021-2022

Sanktjohanser (Uffing, Germany) – 2020

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