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Hi I'm Max.
I'm a forward thinking Product Designer, motivated by creating memorable user experiences.
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Final Project


Dual is an emergency auto-injector aimed at encouraging those at risk of Anaphylaxis to carry their device at all times. Dual achieves this by containing two doses of epinephrine in a compact, re-usable and stylish device.

The Inside

Dual utilises an original mechanism, plunging two doses of epinephrine from a single trigger push. The use of two plunger springs reduces the overall length of the device, while still achieving the required forces. When triggered, the users set emergency contact receives a location pin via text message. User feedback is provided in the form of a mechanical dot change on compression of the needle end. An LED countdown has been included to inform the user when the second dose should be administered.


Dual contains an interchangeable drug module, which the patient can swap in and out either after use or if the drug has expired. The user is able to reset the plunging mechanism with a specific tool through an access point on the rear of the device. Being re-usable, Dual creates a personalised user experience, whilst reducing the volume of single use plastics found in current products.

Sustainable Design Module


“Layers” is a sustainable shoe design in collaboration with Adidas originals and PLUSfoam to encourage users to increase the lifetime of their everyday trainers and reduce overall consumption.

Wear Me Down

Each sole is designed to wear away over a set period of time. When each sole wears, a discount code will reveal itself. This grants the user access to their sustainably incentivised reward, which they can access via their “Layers” app. PLUSfoam’s unique chemistry and process allows the material to be grinded up and recycled continuously.

The App

The layers app is a convenient way for users to keep track of their sole and redeem their codes in order to claim their rewards via a QR code.

The first layer unlocks an upgrade on laces. The second layer unlocks a free shoe overhaul and clean. The final layer unlocks a free resole, with the option of a colour change to keep users interest overtime.


  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

V2 Studios (Design Consultancy) London

I completed my University placement at V2 studios. I contributed to live client projects which helped develop my design skills in a range of areas, such as CAD, Photoshop, photography and 3D printing. This experience was extremely valuable when producing my final year design project.

Vitamin Living (Interior and Lighting)

Alongside my work at V2 studios, I was given responsibility of their sister company, Vitamin Living. I helped manage day to day running of the company, working in customer service, social media content creation, and manufacturer communications.

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