Final Project


Tilly is an at home TMS device for women. It adjusts treatment based on menstrual cycle hormones and is a part of the growing industry of FemTech.


The casing holds a usb c charging port, battery, on off button, microcontroller, vibration motor, bluetooth, and 2 electromagnetic coils at the front.

Sketch Development

Quick sketches were used to rapidly develop form alongside user testing.

Stakeholder Mapping

Journey to the Show

Sketch Development – Stage 1

Concept Ideation – Stage 1

Concept Ideation – Stage 1

Concept Development – Stage 1

Feasible Concept – Stage 1

Sketch Development of Final Concept – Stage 2

Work Experience

Over 5 years of customer service experience

Visionary Thinkers

Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers