Final Project

Acrylo Spin

To encourage artists to consider their art’s impact on the environment. A new, quicker method to separate acrylic paint from paint water so that the plastic isn’t poured down the sink.

How it Works

Like a centrifuge that you would find in a lab, Acrylo Spin rotates the samples at 1300rpm for 20 minutes, using centrifugal force to separate the acrylic particles from the water. Rather than using electricity to power it, you wind it up manually like a wind-up toy.

User Interaction

To use the centrifuge, pour your paint water into the two bottles and push down on the top, like pumping, to wind up the mechanism. When it is wound it will spin for 20 minutes. You can reuse the water for painting again and dry the acrylic to recycle it.


To ensure that acrylic paint could be separated from the paint water, samples were taken to the STEM lab on campus. The results showed that it was possible and the water was clear enough to be used for painting with again.

Wind Up Mechanism Prototype

Laser-cut MDF board gears were used to prototype the mechanism and the spring from measuring tape was used to be the wind-up spring.

Interaction Prototype

Clay was used for quick form prototypes to get user insight on the shape of the lid. The bottle holders and bottom support are 3D printed for more precision and support.

Other Work

Digital Touch – Branding

Sketch process up to the final design of a second-year project with branding in mind. This travel camera and accessories were designed with the chosen brand being Crocs.

UX – reKit

An app to help the process of kitchen renovation easier for first time renovators. reKit utilises AI to help users make more energy conscious and informed decisions and gives them more control over the process.

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